A few months ago I wrote an article The Reality of Life that caught the audience’s attention. Soon after that, I got a bunch of questions on Quora, related to the purpose of life and I realized the important need for a detailed article on this topic. Therefore, I gathered my thoughts, put them into a draft, and searched for the platform that can spread my message to the maximum number of people. So here I am sharing my views and knowledge with the sole purpose of helping you out.

Thinking About Purpose Of Life?

If you are reading this, then probably you are also searching and thinking about the purpose of your life. Don’t Worry! I got your back.

Too many people are struggling to find a purpose in life and the majority of them are youngsters. It does not matter whether you are in your twenties, thirties, or forties if you are still searching for your life’s purpose then you are ahead of those who never bother to take a break from their robotic routine to reflect on their lives.

Are You The Only One Without Purpose?

If you tried but failed to find the purpose of life, that does not mean your life is meaningless. It means you are not heading in the right direction.

I genuinely believe that nothing in this entire universe is useless. Not even a single grain of sand. I may sound lunatic but that’s the reality. How does sand have a purpose?  

Do you know the dust from the Sahara Desert is responsible for stopping several hurricanes and saving millions of lives? Not only that, but the same dust from the Sahara Desert feeds the amazon rainforest that produces 70% of our oxygen.

I am not merely beating about the bush but it has been proved by many researchers. According to the 2015 research study, the soil of the amazon is infertile and the dust from the Sahara desert acts as the fertilizer and nourishes the amazon soil.

If those little grains of sand have so much power to stop the hurricanes, to protect millions of lives, if these dust particles travel 9,938 km to nourish the soil of amazon forest then how can your life be meaningless and without purpose? Are you worse than the dust? No! you are not.

Profession Vs Purpose

Okay, Ahmed! Now I understand my life is not meaningless but how can I find the purpose of my life? Is starting a new career, job or business is my purpose, or is it about making a lot of money, becoming an undisputed boxer, athlete, or entrepreneur? If your mind is bombarded with these questions, then my answer is NO!. Why?

Because these are professions that you want to pursue your professional life. Because you want to prove something to others, to have your own identity, to be recognized by people, to make a living, and to feed yourself and your family. That’s not the purpose of life. Many people intermix profession and purpose. However, in reality, both are different.

Flying in a private jet to travel to the best destination with your family and enjoying a luxury holiday without worrying about working is not the purpose of life either.

The purpose of life is to HELP OTHERS and we all have the same purpose. How am I certain about that?

Just because of one word that most people don’t think about i.e. DEATH. You all gonna die, sooner or later and it’s a reality that no one can change. Your profession will die along with you but your purpose will stay alive.

Once you understand this core concept your life would be easy. You will be free from anxiety and you don’t have to worry about the purpose of life anymore. Help others, irrespective of their number. Start with your friends, family, and people around you. It can be in the form of good deeds, knowledge, money, shelter, and food. Whatever you do to help others, will stay alive even after your death.

This platform of Thrive Global, on which you are reading my blog, is also serving the same purpose. It’s helping people to thrive in their lives and mental well-being. Its content is like a Sahara Dust that nourishes the thinking and mindset of people. And my content on it will do the same even after my death.

“Be the dust of the Sahara that nourishes the soil of Amazon.”