Asking Ourselves the Important Questions

Life purpose evolves as we do. Our purpose, passion, intentions and service may change as we grow, sometimes slightly sometimes greatly. More than that, hopefully, deeper with each life experience we encounter.

To me, purpose is being present as the best person we can be today, in this moment, then again in the next.

In expanding the definition and quality, I try and remain on or in purpose most often by reminding myself to ask the questions “who am I and what am I offering?”

I’m really just saying to myself — “as a child of the Universe, I recognize a force greater and certainly more intelligent than I, has a better plan for life than I do.”

How to remain in that space is the tricky part.

It’s well known that breath work, mediation, prayer and exercise help connect us to our center, core, flow, christ consciousness, buddha mind, chi, whatever it is that we identify and feel ONE with. That is the practice.

The central truth is that we cannot buy what we are to become. To become, we practice.

So, the practice is what keeps us aligned in that light. Yoga, prayer, meditation and writing is what I dedicate time to each morning and evening to still my mind, connect with a Higher Self, Universe, and feel my purpose.

Purpose may change slightly each day or in each moment, but when I’m in stillness, my heart center knows the truth of my purpose is to serve.

In my opinion, our most honest reason for being here is to serve humanity. It is always about that. It is always about doing what we feel is right and just, what is compassionate and at the end of the day brings someone else’s life a little higher.

Through service, we are really bringing those things back into our own life as well. What we give, we receive. We are never separate from each other or from the eternal light, the truth of our existence.

We all want to know what the secret is. We ask, how can we find peace, how do we find love, where do we find happiness. The answer is easy — the practice is hard. We ARE all that already — look inside.

Here are five questions I find helpful to help us look inside from the chapter “Love and Motivation” in my book The Grace of Redefining Love.


1. What does success look like to me?

2. What would it look like if my dreams were fulfilled today?

3. What would success look like as my legacy or as an image on
my gravestone?

4. What would I like people to remember most about me?

5. Have I helped enough people?

The practice is difficult because we live in a world where we’ve created so much conflict. 

Modern culture, business, entertainment, being successful and making money has escalated pain and suffering, overstimulation, and conditioned our thinking that we must buy “something” to make our lives better, more peaceful, more loving — happier.

The central truth is that we cannot buy what we are to become. To become, we practice.

I offer, as sort of a mantra, in my book The Grace of Redefining Love that “LIFE is BIG!” and “We are part of love — not separate from it.”

We are, through our individual and collective purpose, becoming whole. That is — we are realizing we are already a part of what we try and make separate. 


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