Initially my parents forbade me because I did not have relatives overseas but I still insisted on my parents that I was allowed to continue studying abroad for the future I dreamed of.

After graduating from high school, my parents finally allowed me to study abroad and I was asked to continue my studies at FLORENCE University in Italy, to pursue my goals even though I had to study independently to continue studying abroad, I try to dare to study alone even though far from my parents and sister.

because I was in a country that was very foreign to me, at first I was very busy speaking Italian because I was born in Asia precisely from Indonesia, which is quite far from Italy. I felt the beginning of my studies in Italy, it was enough to make my experience improve from starting to learn Italian which is very different from Indonesian, and many places I visited while studying in Italy. while in Italy my friends invited me to see exotic places in Italy that I found many of them: uffizi gallery tour, tur colosseum, last supper tour, pompeii tour, tour murano. Almost all tourist attractions in Italy I visited to broaden my horizons

when studying in Italy, I had friends from several countries who happened to study at the University of Florence and they told each other about the culture of their respective countries, it was very interesting that I knew about each other’s cultures and became my knowledge. because maybe I will not stay forever in an Italian city and I will return to Indonesia after graduating and continue to look for work in the city where my parents and family live.

Post by, Fanny Lalita Putri