There are multiple ways you can begin an online brand in this internet age we live in. There are also multiple facets you can use to squeeze every ounce of help and guidance you can get – whether from an online course, an influencer relationship, etc.

However, one thing the internet doesn’t do as much is share what we should personally expect from establishing a brand online. Sure, we already know we’re going to have to make a Facebook page and kill it there. We also understand audience insight and strategy is going to be a key feature with how we present our brand to the world. What we’re talking about is the personal business model which goes along with a successful business.

In this article, we want to examine Frankie Zing, self-made brand/rapper, who shines a light on the determining factors of success to a company of one or one thousand. These are the self help tips you should be applying to your daily routine – all while concentrating on the finer points of your brand – to see extreme success with the most important business you’ll ever run, yourself.

#1 – Have An Outlet

Remember the fictional character Jack Torrence in the popular movie “The Shining”? While a little insane, Jack made some fine points when he said “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This proves there is a fine line between insanity and genius.

Mr. Zing started his music career because he became comfortable expressing himself in this type of outlet. This becomes true for you and every other entrepreneur out there who is working 16 hours a day. “Jack” who works and works without establishing a hobby or an outlet to express himself becomes dull and boring over time.

If you see yourself slipping into the dangerous rut of working all of the time, you need to make some changes to your routine. While you are doing this for the right reasons, you are building wrong habits in your life. For instance, people who work and never play have to lean to outside sources for relaxation. This in turn brings another set of problems you will eventually have to deal with.

Whether you are just getting started with your online brand or you have been established for a while, more than likely you are working yourself from sunup to sundown. For good reason too, your brand must be visible to the outside world. In order for that to happen, work needs to be done. But while this work is happening, it’s important to force a little play into the routine because before you know it, your kids are grown, your relationship is in shambles, or something more deep and personal has happened.

What do you enjoy doing? Mr. Zing is adamant about stepping away to create that time with yourself and your family every day to ensure peace of mind in your life.

#2 – Understand Your Unique Message

One of the things you will see about building an online business is how to create, and expand on, your message to your audience. Message is important because in a sense, you are an evangelist preaching the good word of your brand.

Frankie agrees at how creating a great message was one of the ways his audience started paying attention to him. However, he adds that a personal message, the one you believe, is also just as important.

Just as you reach out to your congregation to share the good news of your brand, you are also telling yourself certain things and it’s imperative to decipher the good from the bad.

Did you know you are hard-wired to think negatively? The human brain extrapolates negative neurons easier than positive ones which makes it hard to find the good in something bad happening.

Coupled with a stressful business plan, negativity can implode inside of your mind. Especially when you see or hear something while you’re trying to build a brand for yourself. The unique message you tell yourself, the unique message you allow to travel to the receptors of your brain cannot be controlled.

However, you can control how you feel about these messages, and that’s what you should focus on. The benefits of positive thinking can complete the user in its entirety.  No matter what message you allow your brain to process, make sure you stay positive about it and it will make a difference in not only your brand message, but your life message as well.

#3 – Embrace The Unknown

One thing is for certain – there is nothing for certain. Anything can be snatched away from you. This is one of the reasons Frankie Zing doesn’t place any dream on a pedestal. He explained how he has already decided to be in this space for a “long long time” and embracing the unknown means not worrying about what’s not happened yet, but being true to who you are now.

There are so many entrepreneurs who are trying to grasp the future of their business, trying to bridle and control things in which they do not have any control over. The song says, “hold on loosely, and don’t let go”, means to ride the wave of where your business is taking you now. Just as you cannot control where the wave takes you, you have the board to guide you in the right direction with your brand.

Be true to who you are as a person and it will shine in your brand. Mr. Zing understands it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of building a large audience and becoming popular and formidable, but if you stay true to who you are, the right people will gravitate toward you.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to build your brand these days. I’m sure you have taken courses to better yourself and create amazing marketing strategies with your business – and you should. But what are you doing to create a better you which will eventually run a better company? This is one aspect of your business you shouldn’t forget about and it’s all in these three tips. Self help is a business strategy, because if you’re not feeling it, the customer won’t feel it either.