Goal setting is something I am passionate about, but ONLY because I have learned how to be effective at it. Years ago I would set goals, and then I would get overwhelmed and give up. Or I would set goals, but struggled with how to take steps towards them and then I would give up. It seemed like no matter what I tried I was failing at everything I put my mind to.
I knew that what I was doing was not pushing me closer to my goals, so I decided I had to do something different. I created a strategy and shared it in my book The Goal Getter Guide, because I wanted people all over the world to know that reaching their goals was possible. I continued to expand my knowledge on goal setting because I knew that was the key to my success. I learned later by a very popular coach that to be successful with goal setting you must set PUSH goals. These are known as goals that inspire other people to also set goals.
I decided that I would change the meaning of a PUSH goal to apply to me. Today I want to share what a PUSH goal means. To me, a PUSH goal is a goal that is pushing you out of your comfort zone and into the zone where success lies. So many of us are setting goals that are familiar or comfortable and the truth of the matter is this is not benefitting us one bit. What good is it for me to set a goal of saving $101 a month when I have already been saving $100 monthly? We have to be willing to SET big goals that will PUSH us to where we need to be.
There are too many people not operating or using the gifts. I don’t want that. So let’s break down PUSH:
Are your goals adding to your life? Many people are setting goals and they are not even helpful for them. For example, you may say I have a goal to get a boyfriend, but then you’re rushing to make it happen without even realizing the negative impact it has on your life. Take a minute and ask yourself is this goal benefitting me? Your goal and the outcome of it should always be moving your life in a positive direction.
How do you feel about your goal? Does it inspire you? Do you feel encouraged and motivated by thinking about what could happen when you accomplish them? You want to make sure your goals inspire you because there is a long process to reaching them. Without having an optimistic attitude and an encouraging spirit you’re more likely to throw in the towel altogether.
Have you created a strategy to accomplish your goals? You can not go after your goals with a blind eye. You have to be willing to make some changes and implement a plan if you want to be successful at reaching your goal. Take time to reflect on your habits, and daily actions and determine if those are negatively impacting the goals you’re working towards.
Is your goal challenging? Is it pushing you past where you’re comfortable? If the answer is no then the goal is not a PUSH goal. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “shoot for the sky because at least you will land amongst the stars – Normal Vincent Peale. Too many of us are shooting low and then landing lower and then we’re upset. Aim high after all you’re worth it.
Take time to work through this strategy and identify PUSH goals you can begin working on today!


  • Dr. Nicolya Williams

    Life Coach and Best Selling Author

    Dr. Nicolya Williams is the type of woman who pursues her goals with passion and determination. She is dedicated to helping other women Conquer their Chaos and reach their goals. Dr. Nicolya is a personal development coach, radio host, best-selling author, and blogger for women. Dr. Nicolya graduated from The Ohio State University (B.A., Psychology) and obtained her M.Ed from the University of Dayton with a focus on Clinical Counseling and School Counseling. Dr. Nicolya graduated with honors from Concordia University-Portland with her doctorate in Transformational Leadership. Dr. Nicolya holds a Coach Practitioner certificate and is licensed as both a Community Counselor and School Counselor, with a Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant license. As a coach, Dr. Nicolya divides her time between empowering women one-on-one, and motivating groups of women through Master Classes. She enjoys encouraging women to write their own books; to tell their stories and share their message. To reach her audience, Dr. Nicolya speaks at conferences and acts as a mentor to women around the world, teaching them to rediscover their spark after divorce and breakups. Dr. Nicolya, a lifelong learner, strives to continue her personal growth through reading and interacting with her social and spiritual community. She is an avid reader and is devoted to building up her own strong women; her two daughters, Kaelyn and Kamryn. Dr. Nicolya is committed to creating a space for women to be heard and find the happiness and success they deserve! You can connect with Dr. Nicolya at nicolyawilliams.com or on all social media platforms via @NicolyaWilliams.