Few things put you down more than a string of bad results.

Getting the results that we wish for is not easy, that is why so few people are as successful as they would like to be.

Nobody starts off on their journey wishing to have mediocre and average results, but unfortunately in life that is what most of us get.

The results we get are not born of chance. Neither are they results that are continuously just handed over to us for no reason.

It is possible to get the results we want. It is not the same process that we all have to go through in order to get them, but it is possible to attain them and the life that we wish to live.

The results we have are a reflection of who we are. For the most part we are responsible for the results that we have in our life. That is because they are results that stem from the actions and effort we put in to achieve what we have set out to do.

We control our actions and choices but the consequences and results that we get from them are controlled by principles that are at work all the time. You will never get a positive result from a negative action or choice; the principles don’t work like that.

So if you are not really happy with the results you have and you wish to change them, then you MUST get up and push yourself to really start doing better.

If we don’t want to be mediocre then we should stop acting and performing actions that are mediocre.

It is easy to be mediocre. You don’t have to do much to be average, all you have to do is do what everyone else doing and just put in the work when you feel up to it.

All you have to do to remain average is to keep doing what you are doing right now. Do them over and over again and principles will ensure that you have mediocre results you entire life.

Mediocre efforts will never breed greatness.

If you want to have great results you need to become result oriented. You need to start measuring your results and find out the reasons why you are getting the results that you are currently getting. You need to be putting in the work towards becoming better every day.

You could be putting in the hard work though, but you are not getting the results. If that is the case then maybe it is not what you are doing, but how you are doing it.

Being results oriented will help you find out what is going wrong.

So how do you work towards getting better results?

Have good Reasons

Have you heard of the expression:

“Reasons reap results.”

Well that is true. The better and stronger the reason you have for doing what you do the higher your performance and output will be.

Our reasons are our “whys”. Why we do what we are doing, and if we have no whys we have no motivation and no drive to become better.

If we are under-performing and getting poor results, then we should first look at our reason for wanting those results.

Get better at Prioritising

Another thing that can give us terrible results is what we have chosen and prioritised to do.

We all have the same amount of time in a single day, 24 hours. So why is it that some people get a lot more done than others?

The irony is that we spend a lot our time on things that won’t get us to where we want to go.
We often prioritize the things we say we don’t want to keep doing.

The trick to getting the results you want is to align your actions with the results you want. Take time to understand where you want to go. Create the ‘must do’ list that’s going to get you there

And then prioritize it every day.

You need to define your goals

Being vague when setting your goals and not having a way to measure how far off you are from achieving those goals means you are on a road that is leading you nowhere.

If you are simply saying ‘I want to be successful’ then you need to go back to the drawing board.

Instead of making your goals elusive, make them concrete and measurable. If you want to be a writer then plan time to sit down and write every day.

Some make the goal 1000 words a day and some make the goal 30 minutes a day. A concrete goal like this is something you can measure. At the end of the week you either have the words written or you don’t and that lets you reset your plan for the next week.

Sit down and look at your goals. Make sure that they’re concrete and measurable.

You need to take responsibility for the results that you have.

If you’re looking at a failure in life and you are spending your time thinking about how it’s someone else’s fault stop now.

Instead you should be figuring out how it’s your fault and then putting strategies in place to stop the same issues from cropping up again.

The truly successful among us, don’t blame others.

Blaming others will mean you don’t build in strategies to avoid your shortcomings and in turn you’re going to keep getting the same mediocre results you’ve been getting.

If you’re not getting the success you want it’s time to stop looking for excuses and instead start looking for what you did wrong and putting in measures so that it does not happen again.

Final thoughts…

If you’re serious about getting better results, get better in these areas.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If you want different results, you need to change the core process.

Change is not easy, but that change will possibly bring a new wave of better results that you have long wished for.

What did you do to get better results? Leave a comment and share your thoughts in the section below.