The world needs our love more than ever right now.

Some of you have not been affected by Coronavirus. You are frustrated and feel stuck at home and want to get back to work. You have begun participating in online petitions to open hair salons and are thinking of attending protests at your state capital. I want to encourage you to pause and ask yourself this question. Have you spent so much time working that your circle of friends and acquaintances is limited only to those you know from work?

Can you try and think of a neighbor, friend of a friend, congregation member or someone in your community who may not be as fortunate as you?

Perhaps you know of a single mom who is not receiving child support now, or a restaurant, salon, spa/non-essential business owner or employee who may not have 6 months of income saved? Maybe you know of someone who has lost a spouse or parent to this virus. I bet you can think of at least one person who has cancer right now and is too tired from chemo treatments or too afraid to shop.

If you don’t know anyone like this, perhaps your circle of connections is smaller than you realized. Maybe you have limited yourself to only knowing those whom you work with.

If you cannot think of one person to help right now, go into google maps and locate a church, synagogue, or funeral home nearby and contact them now. I’m sure they can facilitate a way for you to help someone that is in need. If your biggest problem right now is that you are frustrated with your hair, please consider taking that $150-$200 and gifting it directly to someone in need.

Then put your hair in a ponytail and smile. The world needs your love right now, not your protest.

The artwork used in this post is from the United Nations COVID-19 Creative Hub. I added my own words to the photo. Download and share the images here: