One of the things I hate about today’s world is social media. People have turned it into a hub of showcasing your successes. I mean, celebrities do this with ease and the rest of the world’s population tries to emulate that. What we have nowadays is people taking pictures of exotic places or dope selfies looking flawless and leaving captions of inspiration.

There is a big problem with this; people think that success comes overnight as they can see on social media. This is especially true with today’s kids. What they see is what they tend to replicate. The outcomes are not so good as we see some trying so hard to get some attention and others end up getting depressed because they can’t replicate the success of their peers.

It also happened to me

You might think that I’ve never been through this but it has. Two years ago when I had my first IG account. It was thrilling to say the least but soon I began competing with imaginary people on my timeline and it always made me feel like a failure. One day, however, I deleted it and created a new one for the blog and stuck with it. There is nothing much I do with my blog’s IG other posting article updates. Same case with my Facebook account. That explains why I don’t have as many followers but who cares about numbers anyway? ?‍♂️

Here’s an interesting fact, the most successful and influential people aren’t on social media. Look at the Royal Family for example. They live by a code to keep off social media. You’ll only read about them in the newspapers. No one even knows what happens behind the scenes. What I’m trying to say that you can live without social media and still have a great life.

Focus on yourself

One thing I can’t advise you to do is keep off social media. It has its merits. For example, I love Twitter because it keeps me in the loop of things. Btw, that is the only active social media platform that I use. All the others are specifically for the blog. What I will advise you is to spend less time on the platforms and more on yourself.

I believe there is nothing more important than self-improvement in life. What is more important than improving yourself every day? You can comment whatever you have in mind but I’m pretty sure it won’t beat my point of view. Think of it this way, instead of admiring how people have made it in life, why don’t you make it your goal to be even better than them? It’s not that hard to do.

The hard part is the consistency. Today you might wake up with all the right attitudes but wake up feeling depressed the next day. I can’t emphasize the importance of staying consistent; especially when the negative vibes kick in. Consider it as a test of your will.

In the end

It won’t do you any good when you keep admiring other people’s achievements. Put your phone down and make your own achievements. When it’s all said and done, you might either decide to pick your phone up and share your successes with the world; or you could just leave your phone there and move on to the next big thing.