More often than not, we are compelled to resort to sadness, emptiness and withdrawal symptoms as a reaction to circumstances beyond hold. Nobody said anything was going to be easy; we just knew we had to plug along. The expression, if I had a nickel for every time I heard this comes to mind. My theory, if you will, when your mind runs havoc, thoughts go chaotic and unidentifiable, run outta your present mind. Run so far ahead that everything behind you seems like a dot, a dot slowly fading away.

Inherently, the dormant state of mind will run faster to catch you up. Well, this will be the worst time to catch your breath so hold that in and keep running. Breathe in and breathe out takes a whole new shape in this moment and yoga & meditation may seem like a complicated dichotomy at this stage.

We all have heard of the fight or flight response and know that there is no easy escape route to the dangerous mind. What does this mean? It is easier said that we need to destress, unwind, declutter however how many people in that frame of mind, right at that time, think rationally? The answer is agiven, not too many however not every cry for help has to be morose or difficult, now, does it. I am going to jump right into this

6 and 1/2 easy and not-so-serious ways out of the temporary hostage like state of mind

Over-Dose I mean Sugar, people. Eat candy, lots! Yea yea, we are flooded with marketing messages ‘Sugar is your Enemy!’ Can we all have a momentary lapse, please! Do I hear food comatose?

Movement Science Dance meticulously….NO! Dance meaninglessly, dance in the rain, in the snow, online, but just shake it and move it like all eyes are on you.

Therapy – retail. This never fails me. Buy anything, a hat, a pen, a head band, bunny socks but buy. Ahem..side note-Dont dent that card; we wouldn’t want to run into a robbing Peter to pay Paul situation when positivity prevails.

Laugh it out -Loud! You know that stand-up or web series your friends keep saying is a waste of time and insanely hideous. Well, now is the time to binge watch it. There is nothing like silly humor to traumatize you more than the real life drama so dont be dismissive of it.

A very dear friend, Neerraj says “use comedy to lighten your mood, you will be surprised with how quickly you overcome that temporary feeling of negativity

Take the Law in Your hands -of Change. Throw on a new hair color, cut it, curl it, mask it. ‘Fine Print’-I would stick to a specific family of shades because once you are back to the future, peach may not be so peachy, you know what I am saying!?

Harangue It Talk to someone and vent, speak to a mirror and vent. The key strategy is to Vent, just don’t dent while you vent. Key Note- Avoid calling your “ex” please.

The remaining half is your 1/2 to figure out. You can make it into innumerable pointers or just live by one theory.  Remember to dwell positively and tuck a note that nothing negative is ever permanent and everything positive will beat the negative.  It is all a state of mind.

Thank you, Readers.