For almost all of us, there is a lot to run around throughout the day. From workplace deadlines to chores at home, to school if you are a student, to your personal space, all of these require your due attention. Because of this multiplicity, the act of juggling around so many tasks are bound to get tough at times. Therefore, optimizing the time that one has and making the best out of it becomes vital. And luckily, the simple technology of QR codes can help.

For the uninitiated, QR codes aka Quick Response Codes allow instant access to a set of information coded in the two-dimensional code upon scanning. A variety of information can be accessed via a QR code which includes a simple text message to a URL of a website to a PDF and even the location of a specific place. Now, with such multi-functionality, there are just so many nooks and crannies where you can deploy this simple 2D technology to make your life a little simpler, and here are some of them:

1). Adding event to Calendar 

So, you are organizing an informal gathering like a birthday party or a meetup or a formal meeting. Of course, you would want people to join the event and you roll out invites through an e-mail or a simple text message. Despite all these efforts, out of their forgetfulness, not everyone would join the event. The solution? Remind them. Even better, have them do that by adding a QR code in your mail body or message for them to add an event to their calendar so that when the date approaches, they would receive a reminder themselves. The best part is, you can customize the QR code to match it to your party’s theme or your company’s logo. You would be surprised how well this tiny nudge translates into more footfall for your event.

2). Custom-made, dynamic reminders at your work desk

Writing down your to-do list can be a tedious job, and can actually get difficult if you need to update, add or delete things from it multiple times throughout a day. Hanging a printed copy of a dynamic QR code near your work desk QR code can be a good way to have many things in one place and updating it as an when needed from anywhere and any device. And again, you can personalize and design the QR code with your logo, picture, or color. 

3). Ease of sharing files and media

A simpler and easier way of sharing multimedia files and even PDFs for your workspace is having a QR code. With a QR code, you can share a wide array of files; from your playlist or your photos to your PDFs or even a specific location, that too with a lot of people, just with a scan. The best part is, you can have a dynamic QR code with which you can change and modify the files that the code would lead to upon scanning. Simply design a personalized QR code, link whatever file you wish to share, and have it scanned whenever you need to transfer the file to someone. 

4). Greeting cards and wishes

If you feel that your greeting card is too boring and is no different than anyone else’s, then you are not alone. Almost all of the greeting cards, wishes, and gift notes run along with the same old format. The sad part is, this hasn’t changed much in the last couple of decades. Now, imagine receiving a greeting card from your mom on your birthday with a QR code on it which upon scanning, plays her voice, wishing you a happy birthday or maybe, opens up an image of you from your childhood. The surprise factor of having a QR code and the very experience of scanning and reaching a particular stop is what makes QR code, a great addition to your greetings.

5). Emergency Contact Information Calls

This is pretty self-explanatory. A QR code can help you in an emergency and is much quicker than manually typing a number on your smartphone and then dialing it. Just upload any of the emergency numbers or the contact number of a concerned person and upon scanning, the QR code will do the job of feeding the number on your dial-pad. All you have to do after that is a tap on the call button and you are done.

6). Your very own Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are fun. Just a book of your memories, pictures, and writing that you can keep with yourself and have others to read. But, sadly, that’s all it does. Not much can be done after those pictures and quotes and that limits the experience of a scrapbook. Luckily, QR codes can fly your scrapbooking to the next level by allowing you to add audio notes, videos or any long piece of text if you fall short of space. Just add an MP3 file to a QR code or upload a video on youtube and add the link to another QR code, print them out and paste them on your scrapbook. A great idea for using this is, if you have the audio or video of your kid’s first cry or first walk, just add that to make your scrapbook extra special.

Wrapping Up,

There’s just so much that you can do with these incredibly convenient two-dimensional pieces of technology. From your work desk to your home to even your car, you can have a QR code for almost anything to make things simpler and easier for you. 

These minute, yet effective techniques can add up to a great increase in your daily productivity.