I am a true believer in that happiness comes from within. It is a result of your predominant thoughts. It’s true that there are material things things that make us happy and bring us joy but that lasts for maybe…a minute. Then what? 

Happiness is a choice. You are deciding to be happy. You make a conscious choice to be happy and there’s something magical about a person with a positive attitude. They make things happen. They carry their happiness over to every area of their life. 

Happiness starts with ourselves. It is a result of the relationship you have with your way of thinking. Happy people have a sense of self worth and confidence. There’s something different in the way they walk, talk and in the way they carry themselves. They have a positive vibe about them. 

They surround themselves with the right people.  They have good relationships with their family and with their spouse. Having girlfriends you can count on to lift you up is great, too. It’s what I call inexpensive therapy. LOL! Positive people have amazing relationships whether personal or professional. How are your relationships? However, positive people have less interaction with those who are, what I call, “toxic,” because they constantly look at the negative. Happy people let it roll off their back. 

Do you know that one person where everything seems to go right for them? It seems like they’re lucky all the time? That is called the law of attraction. By law, you get more of what you put out into the Universe. Are you thinking of abundance or are you thinking of lack? What are YOU putting out into the Universe? Think of what’s currently happening in your life right now. 

Have you ever noticed that people who radiate happiness have a sense of peace? They have a purpose in their life. They know they have a calling. Making an impact and a difference in other people’s lives gives them meaning. Do you have a sense of purpose? What makes your life meaningful? 

Happy people know how to live in the present moment and savor it. They appear calm and relaxed. Just like the book they don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re productive, not rushed. They know how to tune into what’s going on now. 

They show gratitude. They celebrate other people’s wins and know how to be gracious. They are very giving in that they like to give back to the community, donate to causes and giving money makes them happy. 

Happy people are very optimistic. Sure, everyone goes through their own personal struggles. However, optimistic people look for the positive. Instead of dwelling on the negative, they focus on finding positive solutions. They’re grateful for what they have. 

Happy people look at problems as challenges. It is an opportunity for growth. They know how to deal with challenges and face them head on. They don’t complain. They know how to make things happen. They look for a solution, not the problem. Happy people know how to reward themselves. They don’t look at the reward as a luxury but as a necessity. It’s like getting a massage every so often. Most people think getting a massage is a luxury, but it really should be a necessity because it can enhance your wellbeing. It’s part of self care. By giving more to ourselves, we’re telling the Universe that we are deserving of more. 

While some may think having some me time is selfish, it is actually quite the opposite. By taking care of number one, yourself, you’re taking care of others. You’re giving yourself the time to enjoy things just for yourself. Whether it’s working out, reading a good book or having a cup of coffee, it’s important for your mental health…and let’s be honest, for your sanity as well. You need to block out time for yourself and without the guilt. ME TIME GUILT FREE. It helps you to relax and rejuvenate. When you go back to work or spend time with your family, you’re more calm and centered. 

Happy people spend money on experiences, not materialistic things. It’s not about buying things, it’s about buying experiences that make you happy and joyful. Create more experiences in your life and you’ll create more happiness. What a thought. 

If you want to be a happier YOU, start with making the decision that you’re going to be happy. Think, feel, act…happy. Start with one of the above mentioned. Try one and then the next week add another one. Practice this and soon these will become habits embedded in your subconscious. See what amazing things awaits you.