To me, eating well is a cornerstone on my life focusing on giving my body the gift of as many nutrients as possible, focusing on quality over quantity. No more counting calories or weighing foods, but instead returning to the quality of good, whole, nutrient-dense foods. I believe that our nutrition and what we put into our body is the most powerful way to physically improve our health.  When we fuel our body with the real food and hydration it craves, everything functions better.  WE function better, from our head to our toes.  We have improved sleep, increased energy and clarity, better digestion, decreased stress and anxiety (yes, through food!), support our immune system, balanced blood sugar and mood, to name a few. 

In order to support my goal of eating the most nutrient dense foods I can to support my physical and mental health, I make sure to try to include healthy fats, fiber, quality protein, and greens at each meal.  I often have smoothies in the morning and I can pack in lots of veggies and seeds, starting my day off nourished and cared for! An added bonus is when we start our day with a healthy, balanced meal, we are much more likely to make choices throughout the day that support our health and wellbeing (the snowball effect). 

One tip I live by and share with my health coaching clients is to always keep frozen spinach, frozen cauliflower, and frozen avocado slices in your freezer.  These powerhouses make super healthy grab-and-go additions to smoothies and add a delicious creaminess without altering the taste much! 

Quality over quantity is our way to eating well and living well!