Start loving all of you for powerful decisions.

Two years ago, I made a decision that saved my life. Now, I am passionate about helping people make decisions that will save the course of their lives, and it has to do with understanding the three-time versions of yourself.

In 2019, I decided to go through a major surgery.  Had I not gone through with the surgery, I would not be alive today. Had I not made the decision, a few weeks later, I would have bled to death due to a hidden medical condition in my reproductive system. Despite the best medical help, the MRI and ultrasound did not reveal the hidden issue.  The surgery revealed the truth.  I made the hard decision to remove my organ to save my life. I will not give birth to children, though I learned the decision-making process to give birth life.

Thankfully, I am alive and well, with a clean bill of health immediately after the surgery. I still work toward a full recovery.

We caught everything early.

I share my story, because I learned that our decisions are powerful. Our decisions count. Some decisions are extremely critical, like in my case. And some decisions can be subtle.  In every case, decisions change the course of our lives. With each decision, there are three time-versions of you who help you make effective decisions.  You have three forms:  the ‘Future-You’, the ‘Past-You’ and the ‘Present You.’  You each are powerful. Together, you are called ‘The Tria-You’.

The Three Time Versions of You. Image from Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want, by Olympia LePoint.

These time versions of yourself help you to make powerful decisions. I call this phenomenon “Quantum Deciding®”. I write about this decision-making science method in my latest book entitled, Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want. As a rocket scientist, I prove with mathematics, and quantum physics, that you have three- time version of you that exist at the same time within your decision-making.  After studying Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement Theory, recalling my experience launching NASA rockets, and healing through a major surgery, I discovered that you have a Future-You, a Past-You and a Present-You who can pick your best future. I share this concept in a TED-like talk called Quantum Deciding at California State University Northridge Alumni.

The Future-You

You have a future version of yourself. This ‘Future-You’ helps you make decisions for your life purpose. This version warns you of impending danger. In my case, the Future-Me told me that I needed to have the surgery within 3 weeks of the medical diagnosis. Unbeknownst to me, critical timing repelled death.

Every person has a Future-Version of themselves directly connected to wisdom.  Personally, I am a spiritual person, and I believe this version of you is connected to The Creator.  The Future-You shares the truth when you need important information that is not yet available.  This Future-You serves as your brain’s natural intuition that jumps through time.

In my case, the Future-Me visited me when I was 8 years old, so I would make the right choices in becoming a rocket scientist. The Future-Me helped me choose surgery. Even though all medical diagnostic tests had not discovered the internal issue yet, the Future-Me pointed to life. And the Future-Me, also came to me 3 weeks before my surgery to show that I was designed to write more books and help millions of people understand science on TV News and in virtual talks after my surgery.

In my life, I learned that if I hear an internal voice that gives me deep peace that surpasses my natural understanding – even though the thought or task seems scary – it is the Future-Me helping me.

Olympia LePoint explains Quantum Deciding in her talk at California State University Northidge. Watch the talk by clicking here.

The Past-You

The Past -You helps you make better decisions in self-love, no matter the moment. This version of you is scared to repeat the past, yet is willing to do anything to create a better future.   Days before the surgery, I went into my fear-based past. For me, I was scared to go to hospitals.  In fact, before the 2019 surgery, I did everything to avoid hospitals!  

In my book, I help you discover the six most painful memories from infancy to 21 years old that shapes your decision-making. These moments are when your time and space seem to stand still. These six moments shaped how you make decisions today in your faith, identity, intent, your learning, your use of resources, and how you love yourself in time.

Addressing my fears, I chose to see myself differently.  I remembered every memory and associated decision that kept me from loving myself.  In courage, I chose to release these fears. And I chose to replace the fear with a love for my life, no matter what I endured.  You can make a decision to love your entire life – past, present and future. Personally, I chose to make a new decision to tell people how much I loved them, no matter how scary it may feel.  Now, I decide to tell myself how much I love myself. And I tell others how much I love them.

Surprisingly enough, this love-decision-making approach is rooted in science.  In 2017, Massachusetts Institute of Technology neuroscience researchers found that the neurons encoding positive and negative memories relay information to different parts of the central amygdala in the human brain. This research shows that the brain’s central amygdala is not only associated with fear, but it is also associated with deep pleasure. Love is a type of deep pleasure.

You can rewire your brain to create pleasure in your decision-making by journaling and other targeted exercises. In making new decisions, you must be willing to go back into the past and see yourself in a loving way.  In doing so, you learn the truth in your past. Also, you discover the root of your fears, and replace it with specific self-loving actions unique to your life.  This decision to love yourself rewires your brain.

Image of Olympia LePoint’s hand holding dice. When the dice connect, they become quantum entangled as seen in the virtual talk “Quantum Deciding.” Image from the book Answers Unleashed II: The Science of Attracting What You Want by Olympia LePoint.

The Present-You

We each have the chance to pick the future that we want.  The only version of you who has this power to choose is the Present-You. The Present-You goes back in time to help you through your toughest, past moments. The Present-You also quantum leaps forward in time to witness the future version of you. This is where you gain your inspiration. Then the Present-You carries the information through light, and makes a new decision.

In observing yourself in the past, and seeing yourself in the future, you become ‘Quantum Entangled’ with yourself through Quantum Deciding.

This time jumping sounds like science fiction, but it is a real-life discovery made by NASA for secure technology communications. In December 2020, NASA scientists developed long distance teleportation using Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement theory.  With photon light particles in Quantum Entanglement, NASA scientists made information jumps through space and time into another secure location. The transfer process created a secure communication. This teleportation discovery will lead to the ‘Quantum Internet’ in a few years from now. It also leads to more secure banking accounts, secure DNA accessing, secure hospital databases, just to name a few applications.

Just like NASA scientists can teleport information using light and computers, the Present-You can also teleport information using what you observe, with your brain’s processing. You teleport information from the Present-You to The Past-You. You teleport information from the Future-You to the Present-You.  The Present-You becomes the Future-You when you visit yourself in the past.

The information that you have in your brain is a form of light. Only you can carry information to yourself at the speed of light. That is the reason the process is a quantum decision.

Before my surgery experience, I did not know which option to pick.  Option 1:  I could have done nothing, and I would not be alive today. Option 2: I could just have the growth removed, and risk other major complications in the future. Option 3: Remove the entire organ, endure the pain and bank on myself in the future. After going to the future to see the life I wanted – then going to the past to remove my fears – I chose Option 3 for my life.  My decision saved my life.

In Conclusion

I am passionate about showing you how to save the course of your life, by understanding the three-time versions of you. Because of Albert Einstein’s Quantum Entanglement Theory, NASA’s Teleportation discovery, and my Quantum Deciding discovery, you can live out the life that you want. 

What do you choose? 

What do you want?

It is time to make a new decision to live your best life yet.


Olympia LePoint



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