Returning from the movie, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, it struck me that time travel could be a norm in future movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all we have the Pym particles in abundance in the present, which can help the Avengers go back in time through the Quantum Tunnel to certain time frames. Anyone who has watched this latest movie and a few previous ones can agree to the fact that, we can create and recreate alternate realities and go back in time to completely obliterate a past or a future or even the present. It is surprising that scientists these days say that future events can decide what happens in the past. They validate this with the delayed choice experiment, which is a modified form of the famous double-slit experiment.

What if, like in the Endgame movie, we all could time travel? What if we could also alter the past realities? What if someone from the future had gone to the past, so as to enable us to live our today as we do now, like it happened in this very movie.

Long before our minds could fathom such fascinating ideas, one of the spiritual guides of the Heartfulness meditation, said that spiritual Masters come from the future to the present (from which level they have evolved thousands of years ago) to facilitate evolution of today’s humanity. (P.Rajagopalachari, ‘Role of the Master in Human Evolution’). When I read that book in the late 90s, I wondered if time travel is really even a thing to think about.

However, for saints and yogis, transcending time is not a matter of theory but a matter of experience.

Centuries ago, if you were a scientist, it was almost a social norm to make fun of religion, and percontra, religion used to persecute the scientific thinkers.

In recent times, the discovery of Quantum Theory, a strange and mysterious branch of science, leaves us all bewildered about the possibilities of relationship between matter and energy.

Albert Einstein

Just when scientists thought that they had figured out everything about the laws of the universe, Plank and Bohr and Einstein came around with studies and experiments about a whole sub layer of physics involving the mysterious relationship between matter and energy.

Revolutionary Implications of Quantum Physics

The study of matter and energy at nanoscopic levels beginning from the nuclei, moving out to the atoms is Quantum Theory. Light particles (wave packets) is the basic composition of the indivisible innermost part of the atoms. These light particles do not behave in ways the previous laws of physics govern. We cannot define or see them, but we know of them through experiments and observation. Isn’t it ironic that everything we can see is made of things we cannot see !

Are Living Beings Made of Energy or Matter?

The next question we are naturally led to, is about ourselves. Are we made of light particles or matter or energy? Socrates said that energy, or soul, is separate from matter, and that the universe is made of energy.

Newtonian physics has been the foundation of our basic sciences which says that the whole universe is matter and nothing else. The working of the universe is like a machine. Conversely quantum physics nudges us to get a more profound understanding about the atom, and its composition. It says the atom is composed of nothing but an invisible force field which emits electrical energy, and we all know that electricity can be measured but it is not solid matter. The new age scientists adopt the belief that the universe is made of energy instead of matter. As science goes deeper and deeper into matter, it finds that matter is only energy.

Quantum Mechanics Bridging Spirituality and Modern Science

Spirituality goes further and says that even energy is a product of consciousness. Consciousness is able to alter the nature of matter and energy, as we see from quantum mechanics experiments.

Max Plank

The separation of science on one hand, and spirituality or religion on the other hand, was dependent on the separation of matter and energy (or consciousness). However now we are discovering that matter is in itself, convertible into energy or consciousness.

So are we made of energy or matter? I believe that the latter is made of the former.

The Laws of Science Vs Tenets of Spirit

The geocentric model of the universe gave way to the heliocentric model, and now we know where our solar system is situated in our galaxy, and where our galaxy is situated in the observable part of the universe. Thus science keeps advancing and correcting itself. Everything is subject to revision. The mind continues to expand and evolve and embrace a higher level of comprehension and awareness.

This continuous tug of war between science and spirituality in its deepest essence doesn’t actually exist. Scientists unconsciously are people of faith, in fact more than those who are not scientists.

How, you may ask, I make this bold statement.

All scientists believe that the universe is governed by laws and they have utmost faith on these laws with an unconscious and powerful commitment. Tomorrow instead of the quantum theory, a new theory is proposed, and evidence found, these scientists would revise the laws of the universe, but they never abandon their belief in the universe being governed by laws. They are sticklers to rules and laws, and that is a huge belief on the universe behaving in the ways they comprehend.

How Yogic Transmission makes Heartfulness Meditation, an Experience Based Unique Practice

Miracles and magic are not for the people of faith – the scientists! The laws of science are driven by pure faith and belief in the belief system of the working laws of the universe, while the tenets of spirituality is purely experiential. That is the foundation of Heartfulness meditation system.

Spirituality too is a science, according to the Heartfulness teacher, Ram Chandra of Shahjahanpur (Ram Chandra, ‘Efficacy of Raj Yoga in the light of Sahaj Marg’). Swami Vivekananda too says so in his talks on ‘Raja Yoga’. Only the experimental tools and methods are different, one uses the mind (and heart) to turn inwards subjectively, instead of looking at objects outside. But the method of science is the same here too, it is based on experiment, observation and conclusion.

According to Daaji Kamleshji Patel (present guide of Heartfulness meditation), science is the foundation of Heartfulness meditation system, which helps us to relax, meditate on the light in the heart, and develop our inner intuitional capacity to lead a balanced, healthy, happy, effective life. Here, the transmission of spiritual yogic energy (Pranahuti) from the heart of the guide to the heart of the aspirant facilitates easier meditation and faster progress. We are asked not to believe this blindly but experiment with it scientifically. He tells students in universities, “meditate without transmission, and then meditate with transmission. Observe the difference the very first time and continue to study the changes in your consciousness every day. See where that takes you. Witness what it does to you.”


For many people, the experience of receiving transmission is so convincing that no further proof or understanding is necessary. We so often look for external validation, rather than feeling for ourselves on an inner level.

Pranahuti or Yogic Transmission refines and purifies the energy field of a human being. As a result, consciousness expands and evolves. The purer and simpler our personal vibrations, the more we can observe, explore and expand across the spectrum of consciousness, which includes the subconscious, conscious and super-conscious mind. With a sustained practice of this kind of meditation, the thinking mind deepens into the world of feeling and becoming.

Experience Spirituality as a Science!

We are visionaries. We are also materialists.

We dream, we build too.

We experience, and we do the experiments too.

We need validation, yet also admire an enigma. We continue to long for the intangible and magic of the other-worldly.

I trained as an electronics design engineer because I was bewitched with chip design. My heart wanted to do it. After working in the fascinating world of sleek car electronics I quit one day, because that same heart was not into it anymore. This decade long training in science would never let me take someone’s word for something. When I was a teenager, I tried meditation at my parents’ behest. However, I kept searching for something in my meditation, for a long time, without really seeing it.

Suddenly, one night in the Spring of 2015, everything changed. I met my spiritual teacher, Daaji, along with my husband and son. There was a brief 4 to 5 seconds of something which happened to me, in my heart. Even if you wired the billions of neurons from my brain to the best supercomputers of the world, you cannot measure or explain what happened that night. Perhaps this is what Daaji alludes to, in the following video about spiritual experiences themselves being immeasurable.

Can You Refute Your Own Experience?

I am sure every reader has had some deep and poignant moment in his life, which defies a logical reasoning or understanding. It could be a walk in woods, or gazing at the stars, or a casual conversation like mine. The foundation of all of that, is the voyage of the heart, or its response to a primordial call deep down from the soul.

Is the experience, an evidence of God?

Or promise of a frontier beyond the realm of science?

Or a glimpse of that world where everything converges?

INVITATION: Can the Next 90 Days Be Life Changing?

All that I can say is, try the #90daysofHeartfulness. Meditate on the source of light in the heart for the next 90 days and witness the magic of the heart, and experience your own understanding of everything.