Past few months only one advice which we are getting from every place is ‘stay at home.’ It will help your nation minimize the cases of COVID-19. Self Isolation for a few days is good, but in many countries, citizens are self-isolated from the past two months. 

It is not easy to keep up the same spirit, but Kody White, the founder of YTMoney, has some technics to which can make you feel good at your home.

Learn new things from online platforms:

Before you have your eyes and mind rolling, productivity is also an effective way of making self-isolation more limited; isolating says, Kody White.

You have to select a subject which you like and open youtube channels which provide you with useful information about any topic you want. Kody White says he has more than 20 channels under YTMoney which helps people see many videos which are helpful in their daily life and also useful in this quarantine. 

He also gives online help to people who needs some tips about youtube channels and all. His session is free for people who want to learn something new in this quarantine. By doing these activities, you can do some productive work, and you want to feel burnout.

You can also study more about a hobby to grow in it, or maybe try to check out some skills that you can use later on. Maybe some suggestions on developing your self-esteem or different techniques. 

Internet and Youtube offer lot of ways says Kody White where you can learn different things, whether it’s for just spending the time or for adding something good. 

Virtual Socialization is a Good Option:

Pandemic or no Pandemic Phones, laptops were buzzing with 

Even before the pandemic, there’s no doubt that everyone’s phones have some social media app in them. Kody White says it is a fast and easy way to connect not just with people we already know, but also to find strangers and interact with them.

You can take this as an opportunity to learn about different cultures and see places via online platforms like youtube.

Stay Connected:

Take advantage of technology and interact with your loved ones by using various platforms. Communicate with them talk on a different topic which can lift your spirit.

Do some group talk with friends, play some online game on various platforms as Youtube says, Kody White. It will help you feel better. 

Home quarantine and self-isolation can take a toll on our sentiments. However, try to find happiness in the fact that you are doing your part to help everyone stay safe and healthy. 

We can only wish that the day will come where we can go back to our usual activities. 

But for now, please take care of your health and stay at home, to take care of your family and keep a social distance.