I don’t know about you, but I was thriving through the first 2-3 months of quarantine.  I was working harder than ever at the office, producing and turning around creative and inspired work. I was making an impact in the business, while also bringing a message of wellbeing with supporting tools and inspiration to my team and colleagues. 

I was working around the clock on vision, strategy, projects and content and I was feeling good watching the positive impact of my work on people and the business.  It was go, go, go at a consistent fast pace, relishing in the output and impact of my work for four full months. Then something changed and everything began to shift for me.

I’ve realized that choosing productivity over connection, or what I call “output over impact” is not sustainable for long periods. In times of crisis, when we place all of our energy into being hyper-productive, trying to solve a myriad of complex issues, we sometimes add more complexity, spirally us into working long hours, getting little rest and time to release and reset.  We often add more meetings, projects, content & deadlines to our already full agendas, focusing on always doing more, which in human terms can often lead to accomplishing less.  We forget that strategy is delivered through people.  Human resources are our most important resources and therefore, we need to focus our energy on connection over content, people over process.  As leaders, our job is to be clear on our vision, to inspire our teams with compelling strategies, to focus on the few critical things that will move us forward, and to get out of the way and let the work unfold.

“You cannot pour from an empty cup” is the simple truth in business and in life.  We need to keep our glass full if we want to bring the best to the table in life. Adrenaline only lasts so long and working on such a high is not a sustainable practice.   You see, when we are not good to ourselves, nothing works.  Period. As leaders of our businesses, our teams, and as leaders of our lives, it is up to us to make the choices that will set us free from stress and overwhelm and allow us to live creatively, inspired, healthy and strong. 

I have learned that consistently tuning into and nurturing the connection to ourselves is what allows us to operate in flow, in creativity and in the zone of influence and impact.  When we are disconnected to that source of energy, intuition and flow, we shut down, become frustrated and perceive our lives and projects as insurmountable.  

To beat the burnout and shift into flow, Follow these 5 quick steps to reset, reconnect and thrive this week!   

  1. Get organized & Get Clear 
  2. Create Inner Peace 
  3. Connect with People & raise your vibrations
  4. Be Still
  5. Channel the Energy you want with strong vision & intention

Get Organized and Clear 

Clear the clutter and confusion from your life!  When our physical environment and virtual environment are on overload we fail to see clearly or work effectively.  

  • Block time on your calendar to weed through and organize your inbox and your to do list.  
  • Prioritize your projects.  
  • Chunk your time to allow creative time to work on your projects. 
  • Say no to non-essential meetings or delegate to team members.  

You cannot do it all!  Pick your priorities and trust your team to shine.   

Next, clear your mind!  Declutter and organize your racing thoughts and tame that voice that lives in your head.  Do this by journaling, meditation, mind-body movement, salt bath, walking, and time being still.  Don’t underestimate the power of sleep as an investment.  Sleeping 8-9 hours a night will help your brain detox!  You need to allow yourself time to let go of thoughts and this happens with good quality sleep. 

Create Inner Peace

Slow down to speed up.  The quality of your life experience begins with your sense of inner peace.  Inner peace starts with the thoughts in your head, your mindset.  You have the power to choose that story simply by shifting your thoughts.  To start, spend 5 minutes in silence free writing about everything you are grateful for in your life right now- from the simple things like a bird singing or the perfect cappuccino to the most important blessings like your spouse, your health, a career you love.  Take time throughout your day to notice how you are feeling, allow those feelings to flow, and then let them go.  Channel in the good-feeling thoughts you want to feel by focusing on getting more of what it is that you do want rather than spending time dwelling on what it is you want to avoid in your life.

Connect with People & Raise Your Vibrations 

Human connection is what makes life worth living!  We are here to connect and having a strong sense of belonging makes us thrive at work, and helps us to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.  When our vibrations are low, one of the easiest ways to get back into flow is to do something kind, helpful and supportive for others.  Who can you mentor, help, guide or simply listen to this week?  

Be Still

During quarantine, it is often difficult to find time to simply be still and be alone.  Tuning-in to notice and acknowledge where you are, what you are feeling and thinking and experience those thoughts and feelings will allow you to redirect your energy to feeling good.  Give yourself time to allow thoughts to flow, through meditation, a walk, a workout, a bath, or blocking “think time” into your calendar each day.

Channel the Energy & Life You Want with Strong Vision & Intention

Staying Connected to what we do want rather than trying to avoid what we don’t want allows us to move toward the life we desire.  Choosing daily mantras, affirmations, clear visions for our future are things that are available to us now and always.  Simply refocus your mind to that vision, mantra and affirmation when you sway into overwhelm.  Stay clear and aligned with good-feeling emotions and outcomes.  Spend 20 minutes free writing about the life you want to lead each day.  Become crystal clear on what that looks like for you.  Highlight the key words or sentences and make those your daily mantras and affirmations.  See this life clearly.  Believe that it is your destiny, that you are worthy, capable and deserving.  Stay true to this vision and allow it to flow into your life. 

Practicing these 5 tips will help you build a strong & unbreakable connection to yourself.  These steps will help you feel healthy, happy, balanced and restored.  When you feel good you will be able to bring the very best of you to the work you do, and most importantly to the people in your life.  Why not start today?

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