For those of you blessed enough to be working, filling your days might not be as difficult as for those who are looking to find activities that aren’t simply binge-watching TV. I’m hoping everyone in your household will be able to use one or more of the resources I’ve collected below to fill time and maybe even learn something along the way.

The Athlete & Fitness Fiend:

  • Practice Your Short Game – Thankfully, golf can be a purely solo sport. Even if courses are closed, if you have access to some green space, a few ping pong balls, and a couple waste baskets, you have a chipping game right at your fingertips. No need for any frills.
  • Practice Tennis Similar to golf, if you have a racquet, tennis balls and either an opponent that you live with or an accessible wall, you can get in some practice.
  • Take a Bike Ride – Most city rental bikes are still available (just bring your Clorox wipes) and many rental bike companies are still open and renting out bikes on a weekly and monthly basis. Or, if you already have a bike, pump up those tires and take it out for a spin.
  • Take Virtual Fitness Classes – There are SO many options out there right now and I’ve compiled a short list below (and please send me the workouts you’re doing and I’ll include):

The Academic:

  • Rent From The Library – Most libraries are providing digital copies and audio books via whichever app your library uses. For example, The New York Public Library uses Hoopla. If you don’t have a library card, most libraries are allowing digital applications during this time.
  • Learn From The Pros – Although this isn’t the cheapest item on the list ($180 yearly membership), Masterclass is running a BOGO deal right now so you can gift a year-long membership to another quarantined friend. They have so many wonderful classes — I recommend The Art of Negotiation with Chris Voss and Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting.
  • Learn a New Language – I’ve tried many programs over the years to first learn Spanish and then to learn German and Duolingo has been the best for me by far. You can work on vocabulary and grammar, but they also provide more conversational lessons so you can practice actually speaking the language you’re learning, which has always been where I’ve struggled.
  • Take a Class – Learn about myriad topics at Class Central. And the classes are free!

The Extrovert (who is currently miserable):

  • Hold a Game Night – Although there really are no rules for how you can have a virtual game night with your friends, here are a few ideas and resources.
  • Start a Book Club – I’m part of a book club that typically meets in-person once per month. So, naturally, we moved over to Zoom. As long as you have someone who can create a bit of structure to the meeting by asking questions and making sure the conversation keeps moving, you can still sip your wine while discussing the underlying nuances of the month’s book, or gossiping about a boy because if we are being honest, it doesn’t always have to be about the book.

The Artist:

I would love to hear from you! What are you doing to stay busy? What are you learning? I’ll just keep adding to this list. Best way to reach me is to DM me through Instagram: @lilybartell