Quarantine! Best Time To, Love, Learn and Grow...

I was paralyzed with fear the first week of the corona virus quarantine… Watching and reading news at every opportunity was sucking the life out of me, I hadn’t felt that helpless and hopeless in years.

I’ve climbed these dark depths before I knew where to start, my mind. First I had to control my negative thoughts. For that I had to limit the amount of time I spent reading about the virus. If it was important someone would let me know.

Next I needed to channel my energy towards more productive thoughts. I’ve smoked marijuana for over 20 years so I was a bit worried… I wanted to make sure if I caught the virus my body (and mind) were in good condition to fight it off… as an added bonus I’d be ready for the beach just in time for summer.

To Be Good Role Model…

to be a good role model

I also wanted to make the most of my time with my children, laughing and loving, playing games, working out. To know how much they meant to me but also to be a good role model and give them proper values and not have them live in fear.

To make the most of the present moment and realize that there is still peace, beauty and love in this world. But also to take control of their lives and be productive in creating the people we want to be during and after the quarantine ends.

Lack of time is a top stessor and the biggest excuse for not taking care of ourselves. Now’s the best time to start making our mental, physical and even spiritual health a priority…

We now have time to reflect on our lives and decisions. To think about the areas we’d like to improve and create a plan to achieve it.

If anything good is to come from this experience I hope it’s that we realize life is a gift. Enjoyed most when we feel our best, body and mind.