Dr. Marisol Teijeiro (N.D.) knew that the natural health industry was the one she was meant to be in — but didn’t suspect the direction for her life would be guided by a dusty bottle at a health food store. That bottle contained castor oil, an ancient wellness remedy hailed for its wide-spanning benefits. It led her to create her company, Queen of the Thrones®, and its star product, a castor oil pack that channels the healing benefits without the mess.

Dr. Teijeiro’s journeys as a founder and through her own wellness are deeply interlinked. She’s faced the same health struggles that many of her clients do, and she credits the 27 years that led to her success with Queen of the Thrones® as a 27-year journey of self-discovery and recovering from personal, health and professional setbacks. The difficulties “became the perfect springboards for my success and ultimately the most nourishing soil for the garden of my growth,” she said.

During our conversation, Dr. Teijeiro shared her insights for how to create the life you most want to live — and how to recognize when your dreams for that life change — and the ancient wellness practices that have transformed her wellbeing.

Beth Doane: What was the catalyst for you to co-create such an exceptional brand? Explain how your wellness journey unfolded.
Dr. Marisol Teijeiro:
I have always been truly enamored with the natural health industry and it’s where I started my career. I worked jobs with little pay (on which I could barely survive) in toxic patriarchal and parasitic environments. I knew becoming a naturopathic doctor could give me the freedom to stay in the natural industry on my own terms, continuing to help the world and become a boss lady doctor and business leader at the same time.

I’ve personally suffered with a list of health issues that our consumers so often open up about too. IBS, hormonal problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, overwhelming cravings, addictions and disordered eating plagued my life and many became full fledged natural disasters at the height of my professional successes. What I’ve come to realize is that at the heart of these conditions was a lack of love for myself. The key was when I found the Castor Oil Liver Pack, a tool that supports the production of oxytocin, the love and connection molecule, which many in our day and age are deficient in. It gave me life.

In almost all of my communications working in the natural health industry, everyone kept suggesting to explore this ancient, mystical and mostly unknown tool: castor oil packs. But at the time, it was messy and difficult to do. Such a hassle.

Doane: Your story links wellness and business. What role does wellness continue to play in your personal life?
Over time I realized that as we move through life day in and day out, who we become on the journey truly changes and modifies our dreams and our ability to see within ourselves that nothing is impossible. Sometimes this requires us to believe before we see. I believe this to be a true reason why I am now so happy personally and professionally.
Finding my industry early on was the best gift I have ever received. It has been an amazing platform for me to find myself while simultaneously being of service. I love being a catalyst for others so they can experience meaningful transformation too. You can learn how to do anything, but your truth and what’s in your heart, nothing can change that. So I always look to surround myself with heart-centered people. Another gem to my success.
As my journey evolved, I continued to explore the new world of ancient healing practices. My top favorites include wearing a circadian sleep eye mask, dry brushing the skin with castor oil, and using a pearl pendulum to help connect to which foods, supplements, and herbs are best for me. These are all staples of my daily practice.

Doane: Place can play a substantial role in our wellbeing. What is your favorite destination right now for wellness?
I’m in love with all of the different cultural approaches to wellness and I believe there’s gems found in each and every one.
But right now, I would have to go with Hawaii. I am currently on a three-month naturopathic self-care retreat in Hilo, Hawaii, the Big Island, also known as the Root Chakra of the World and the rainiest city in America. I am truly focusing on tuning in and reconnecting. I’m inspired in so many ways for what’s to come next.

Doane: What are three wellness tips you can share with our readers that you swear by?
Do a Castor Oil Liver Pack daily! It’s the easiest way to move your body into a relaxed state and relieve stress (which each and every one of us deals with). It also helps with amazingly deep, restful wake-up-like-new sleep, better bowel movements, liver cleansing, a balanced gut microbiome and less bloating and inflammation! It’s the one simple thing you can do that sets the foundation for everything else.

Take the time for you. Although it may sound cliché, when I was burning the candle on both ends, I would achieve less despite my efforts, because I was going against the natural laws of the universe.

Learn how to turn inward. My intuition has guided me to make so many snap decisions in life and business that have turned out to be some of my biggest blessings and successes.

Doane: What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned while navigating the fields of entrepreneurship and wellness?
Always tune in to my thoughts and words, because what we say to ourselves matters more than anything. At the start of my career I was so negative, not watching my words, but now I watch them like a hawk.
I’ve found that focusing on my thoughts and words to be the most powerful tool for creating abundance and growth in my life.

Doane: What is your favorite quote?
Dolly Parton: “The way I see it, if you want rainbows, you’ll have to put up with some rain.”


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