Where would we be without questions?

We’d have no answers.

Do you focus more on an answer than you do on the question?

Are you timid about asking too many questions?

Is it possible that the answer could change as the question changes?

Is it likely that one answer could lead to many other questions?

How many times have you thought “Darnit, I should have asked that question?”

Is it possible that many divorces could have been avoided if certain questions would have been asked?

Aren’t relationships built on asking the right questions?

How could any new product or invention have been created without

How important were questions in curing any illness or disease?

What role does inertia play in questioning something?

How often have you wanted to take a question back, as soon as you’ve asked it?

How would you describe the importance of questions to a child?

How have questions helped you in your learning process?

Do you believe that “Curiosity killed the cat”?

Questions have played a major role in my life. In fact I’ve written a book entitled “What is the Meaning of life And 92 Other Things I Don’t Have Answers To.”

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What a nice way to think about Thriving.