What do you choose between GOT and Supertrain? Between travelling and working? Between meeting your best friends and distant relatives? Between sleep and late night Football matches?

Life is full of making decisions and you always go for what interests you the most. I always choose deep conversations over small talk and books over people because that is what interests me and for having interests like these, people always had a lot of questions for me. Many others must have faced the same too.

Here are some questions I was asked my whole life, I am sure every person who is called an introvert is asked similar questions which are usually not answered in reality.

Back in college, somebody asked me a very interesting question,

Do you hate people or are you scared of them?

No, I don’t hate people nor I am scared of them, small talk just doesn’t interest me. I know I cannot avoid it and still have to do it every day, just like I want to avoid the gym but cannot.

Would you ever read a book or watch a movie where you predict everything even before you read or watch it? Well, I wouldn’t. For me, small talk is the same. It is mostly predictable.

The most annoying question I was asked was “You don’t talk at all, how can you work?”
Are all Introverts sitting at home curled up in the bed or hiding behind a wall doing nothing?

What are all the introverts in the world doing? Yes I have goals too, I can make use of opportunities and I know what motivates me. If you understand this is just a personality type and we react to the world in a different way you know my answer. I am just happy being alone sometimes.

Are you an Introvert? Apart from work you don’t talk at all? This is the question my colleagues throw at me all the time and I instantly feel like asking “Are you an Extrovert? Why do you talk a lot when you have some work to do?” but Probably that’s how they recharge and disconnect.

I am comfortable talking in few situations and I am not in few situations where I don’t have to talk.When a colleague asked this question, I said” I just Talk less and Listen more and I consider myself an ambivert” .I talk when I have to but I also need some time to disconnect and recharge myself.

After a very long day, When I worked a lot and needed a break I just started eating alone in my cafeteria, and my manager who saw that said ” Why are you eating alone?” with a “how weird is this “ expression on his face followed by a lengthy explanation on why is it good to have lunch with others at my workplace.

A lot of people think it’s strange to eat alone or go shopping alone.
I just like to take myself out .I love my company and I think it’s a great thing to explore one’s own self and also I need a break after so much working and talking.

People always think you are sad and ask you  “Are you sad? Did something happen to you ?”
Nope, I am not sad but Can I ask you one question, Do you have a problem dealing with a straight face???

I get many more questions from different kinds of people everyday but do I still worry about the way I am? Definitely no! I learned to answer them for myself. After that I stopped worrying about what others think about me and life turned to be way more positive,simple and Do we really have to answer every ones questions? Nope!,Never feel bad for what you are!

Introverts love the sound of silence and some-time alone. We just have a different personality type! But will others ever stop asking these questions. I hope so.Extroverts! We understand you but stop asking these questions! We know you love talking but we hate answering these all our life.