Questions To Ask At the End of the Interview

Overview of Job INTERVIEW:

Interviews are the most popularly and widely used method to select the right suitable candidate, it is an interaction or conversation between employer and employee.

Importance of Job Interview

Help employer to assess or determine applicant’s skills, experience, and other job requirements.

Purpose of interview

Helps to find out right suitable candidate for the Current job profile.

Apart from that Applicant also ask Questions to the Interviewer/Employer to clear his mind regarding the job profile.

Questions to ask at the end of a job interview:

Whenever the interviewer finishes their part of asking a question they will ask you, “Do you have any questions?”

At that time, Instead of Saying No, you should Grab the Opportunity, and ask permission for a couple of questions. It is a chance for you to interact with an interviewer to get a better imagination about that Job profile/Department in which you are going to work. You should ask about them as everyone likes talking about themselves. It is in human nature. You will leave a great impression behind you.

Some basic Questions comes to Mind,

  • What are Job Interview Questions?
  • Importance of asking questions?
  • How this Impact on Interviewer and employer?
  • Why to Ask Questions? And What to Ask?

It shows that your interest in the job position. It creates a positive impact on the interviewer, your willingness, and your curiosity to get this job.

Also, Interview questions help you get a basic idea regarding your job role, clear doubts in your Minds

By asking Question you can make sure that this job and department is right for you. 

As said  “Discussion is a pathway for an Exchange of  Thoughts and Knowledge”

If you don’t have any questions interviewer will think that you are not interested in this position or you are not clear about your work profile and job role

Here, Presenting some ideas about what to ask in your next job interview.

What should/can be asked in Interview Questions

Questions about Company-Culture ,work Environment

I have been working with a resume writing company and as a resume writing expert, I suggest asking about the culture and environment of that department in which you are going to work.

It allows you to decide if you are going to fit this position or Not. 

Some basic questions you can ask your interviewer,

  • What made employees like you to hang around for this Company?
  • How do Employees work there?
  • How do they get Support from reporting team?
  • How is the working environment in Company?

By asking the above questions you will get to know more about Culture and work environment of a company.

Questions related to the Job profile

By asking questions about the job profile you will get to know what employers expect from you for this job position they want to offer.


  • What is my Job Responsibility and Duties?
  • What task to perform in this Job role?
  • Time Period of working for Day and week?
  • Any Training provided related to Job profile?
  • What is the Flowchart of work Profile?
  • Job reporting Authority? 

(It is needed to know whom you are going to report about your work. You will know that you have one boss or more.)

It shows you are looking for success in this position.

You can also ask if you are replacing a previous employee how he was working and if he/she has any negative point then you have a chance to improve yourself and to learn from his/her mistake.

Future company planning for Employee Growth

Regarding this topic you should ask about the company’s future plan for the next 5 to 10years, Your role  in company Growth, Employee growth opportunity

Like, How you can help to accomplish their (company) goals?

What are Employee development plans?

What is Consider a Growth Opportunity?

It shows you want to get involved in growing their business and you care about their success.

Also helps to know your growth goals, challenges.

About Your Salary

Before asking this type of question you should be sure that no salary is mentioned in the Job description.

Your wording and way of asking are more important if no salary is mentioned in the job description. You should also use the “Compensation” word instead of Salary.

If you know their salary structure and in last you get that position then you can tell them you offer this much salary for this position but you are worth more than that. You will take this much salary 

Employment Policy

By asking about employment policy it’s easy to understand outline the standards of behavior that are expected by employers and the rights of Employees.

You should ask,

  • Basic rights of Employee?
  • Grievance policy in case of any harassment?
  • Any other Benefits For this Employment like Gov or from Employer

Close up/Feedback Questions

At last, you should ask if they are hanging back to hire you for any reason. If they give an answer to this you have a chance to fight for your job and to clarify any doubt about you for this position.

If they say you are lacking this or that quality. You should say you are very excited to learn new things. It shows your encouragement for this job. 

It also shows you are ready to take feedback.

Feedback helps to prepare yourself for the Next Interview and helps to Minimize mistakes.

Lastly, Based on Time- situation you should ask 3 or 4 questions which cover almost everything you need to know and to leave a great impression. According to your satisfaction and what you are comfortable with. Don’t get too serious in asking a question that makes the interviewer uncomfortable. 


Shortly, you have to ask questions to your interviewer. It will create an environment between you and your interviewer. You will get to know better about the particular position you are going to work in. How you will connect with the person you will work with. How employer values their employee. What challenges you are going to face in this job.