On the other side, a home-cleaning service will probably cost you more. Still, there is a guarantee that they will turn up or at least send a back-up team while most companies also offer flexible scheduling and insurance in case something in your house is broken on their watch.

To ensure you weed out the bad, here are the top 11 questions you should ask before you hire a home cleaner to tend to your house.

How are the rates set?

Many home cleaning-companies charge by the hour for the first service while others charge by the project or the number of cleaners sent over for the job.

Ask the cleaning-company for an estimate of how many hours it will take to get the job done. They should give you a flat rate for every visit, after taking into account the condition of your house, the services you require, and how many hours it will take.

Protip; You can avoid unnecessary additional charges by setting a limit to the maximum number of hours the cleaning crew should be in the house. Most companies have a “don’t surpass this price” clause; check if this company has the same.

Has the company conducted a background check on its employees?

Reputed companies conduct background checks on the staff employed under them. If you hire a freelancer, you are technically the employer, so you are responsible for the screening. Keep in mind that hiring a cleaner means inviting a stranger into the house; a stranger who will be close to the rest of the family and your children so it is imperative that background checks are done.

The cleaning firm you hire should also be able to confirm if they will be sending the same team to your house every time.

Are you insured against damages?

A professional and legit cleaning-company will be insured and have regulations in place in the event of damage or theft by the employees. This minor detail is often overlooked, but it can bring you peace of mind during the job.

Protip; Make sure that you inform the crew if any things in the house need any special attention and care.

Does the cleaning-company have employee compensation?

Companies that hire employees as opposed to contractors have them on their payroll and pay taxes while also providing them with employee compensation in case the employees fall into an accident on the job. This little clause ensures that you will not be held liable in the event of an accident in your home.

Do they have their own equipment or is the homeowner responsible for it?

In some cases, the cleaning-company might expect you to supply the cleaning products and equipment for the job while some companies come fully equipped. If you are not satisfied with the supplies, ensure that you can provide your own alternatives.

If you are environmentally conscious, you can check if the company uses environmentally friendly products instead of conventional products. Oh, and educate yourself on understanding the difference between the two!

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee clause?

The ideal company should be willing to appreciate feedback and any suggestions put forward by the customer. Additionally, they should promise a satisfaction guarantee in case you are not happy with the final result.

Is this company accessible? Can you easily communicate with the company to ensure that they know your needs?

Are they comfortable with a pet in the house?

Try to introduce your pet(s) to the cleaning crew before they visit your house for the initial clean, especially if you are away during the job. Depending on how that introduction goes, you might want to keep the pet in a cage or ask one of the employees to keep it in a safe area before they begin the job and let it out when they are done.

Talking about pets, you should inquire if the company charges an extra fee for cleaning a household with a pet.

How long have you been in business?

Find out how long the firm has been in business and if they have a high turn over. A newly opened company or an old company with new staff members might not be a great option.

What are the services included?

Ensure that both parties are clear on what cleaning services are included. If you plan on handling the day to day chores and need a home cleaner for the dusting, window cleaning and floor tile and grout cleaning, ensure the cleaning business is aware of it as that may have an impact on the overall cost.

Finally, and while this is not a question, make sure that you have every contract and detail written down so you have proof. This can help avoid any disagreements down the line.