life goal track

As one-third of the year 2019 has been passed. Most of us like me keep a journal to track your monthly or quarterly progress. Whether it would be your weight loss tracking, your investment achievement or learning a new skill.

When the year 2019 began, we all might have created a list of resolutions or goals to complete by the end of the year. And its time to ask yourself where I am now? How much I have achieved till April. So here I have created a list of some questions for everyone who want to track their progress. This list will motivate you to achieve more in the coming months.

I would suggest you be honest with yourself while giving the answers and write down their answers in your diary.

  1. How many goals did you set for 2019 to achieve?
  2. How many goals you are working on now?
  3. Do you work on more than one task/gaol at a time?
  4. Have you shared your goal plans with your friends or family member?
  5. have you stopped working on your goal?
  6. What were the 3 reasons for that?
  7. What was your recent compliment?
  8. How do you make decisions?
  9. Your last important decision?
  10. Something that worries you about your progress.
  11. What inspired you every day?
  12. Three things you have changed until now?
  13. Do you keep a monthly journal for your success?
  14. If you haven’t started working on your goals, why?
  15. Were your goals too high or unrealistic to achieve?
  16. What demotivate you to work on them?
  17. Do you give excuses when you unable to complete any given task?
  18. You didn’t get time.
  19. What were the biggest obstacles in your path?
  20. Did you give a reward to yourself when you completed any goal?

I hope you have written honest answers in your diary. Now it’s time to see your progress level on your own. Hopefully, you all are going great in your achievement journey. If you haven’t started yet, don’t be sad. The best time to do anything is NOW. Here I am suggesting you some tips which will help you:

  1. Try to make small and realistic goals.
  2. Break your goal into small sub-goals so that you can complete them by your given time frame.
  3. Give reward yourself when you achieve success even for a small goal
  4. Share your goals with your friends or your close ones it will give you a healthy pressure
  5. Write down your success level on a weekly or monthly basis.

We spend most of our quality time to judge others but have we ever spend a single minute to judge ourselves? Believe me or not when we spend a little time with yourself, asking the question to yourself about our own daily progress, it doubles our productivity. Try at least once to be with yourself and see the miracles.