I always try and keep my ear to the ground on what is coming next so when the time comes we can pivot accordingly. I may be miles off with this but sure debate is the best way of learning so leave me a comment if you think differently.

  • Freelancer numbers are growing and will eventually replace the vast amount of permanent positions on the market
  • Artificial Intelligence will replace lots of manual labour jobs and semi-skilled positions. I read recently that they are even developing a recruiter from artificial intelligence which will carry out 90% of the tasks of internal recruitment, leaving the recruiter as a glorified brand ambassador.
  • Microsoft has bought LinkedIn and will turn them into the biggest recruitment company in the world
  • The energy market will change forever with electric and cleaner energy sources
  • Smaller niche platforms are taking the middle man out. For example in my industry (Rec2Rec), the Hunted app will kill the lower end Rec2Rec performers who don’t work for their candidates
  • Further to the above point competition will increase for recruitment agencies meaning only high end Head Hunters and bulk RPO style recruitment will survive
  • Remote working recruitment companies like Toptal will connect the most talented people in the world with the best jobs, at a better price and show that you can do most jobs remotely
  • Virtual Reality will change the way we conduct meetings, do work and experience the world

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Originally published at https://www.linkedin.com on July 25, 2016.