lady raising vibration in the morning
lady meditating to raise vibration level

Do you ever wonder why your day can start off so great and then it seems like everything goes downhill from there?

It might be because of how you’re starting your day. If you raise your vibration in the morning, it is very likely that the rest of the day will go well for you too.

Here are some quick and easy ways to raise your vibration in the morning.

What Happens When You Raise Your Vibration?

When you raise your vibration level and vibrate at a higher frequency level, you will attract more of what you want into your life.

You’ll notice that the universe starts to bring you good things, and it feels really great!

What Can I Do to Raise My Vibration?

There are lots of ways that you can raise your vibration level in the morning. Here is a list of some quick and easy habits:

Light exercises such as yoga or jogging

Exercise can be great to raise your vibration. Yoga, jogging, and other physical activities can really help you to become more aware of your body. This is great because it helps you learn about yourself- what makes you feel good and what doesn’t!


Meditating for five minutes in the morning can be a wonderful way to raise your vibration level. When we meditate we bring our mind back into the present moment where everything feels calm and relaxed.

By doing this we are able to eliminate all distractions that keep us from feeling good, such as negative thoughts or worries about tomorrow’s schedule.


Did you know that smiling raises your vibration? Smiles are contagious so when someone smiles at another person they will automatically smile back! Smile at everyone you pass on your way out of the house, even if they don’t smile back.

Listen to uplifting music while you get ready for work or school

By listening to music, you are creating a happier environment for yourself. Sing along and dance around while getting ready so that when it’s time for work or school you will be in such a good mood!

Be grateful

Before the day begins, take some time to write down three things you’re thankful for on your phone, computer, or journal.

This is another great way of raising your vibration because we often forget about all of the amazing things we have going on in our lives and this quick activity reminds us how lucky we really are!

Drink plenty of water throughout the day

It’s easy when life gets busy to not drink enough water each day but staying hydrated can make a huge difference when trying to raise one’s own vibration level.

Put on something that makes you feel good about yourself

Another great way to raise your vibration is by putting on something that makes you feel good about yourself. It could be a favorite outfit, pair of shoes, or another piece of clothing that makes you feel good or confident about yourself.

Make your bed so it feels like the first thing you accomplish in the morning

When you wake up, take a few minutes to make your bed so it feels like the first accomplishment of the day.

Speak positive affirmations in the mirror

As an extension of writing out what you’re grateful for, start practicing positive affirmations in the morning and throughout the day as well. This way when your vibration level is high, those things will manifest into reality!

Wake up early

If you wake up earlier than your usual time, the rest of the day will feel like a breeze and there won’t be any other obstacle that can stop you from doing what needs to get done.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been working on my vibration level lately, and it has made a huge difference in the way that I feel.

It can be really hard to get up when you are feeling down or unmotivated, but using these easy steps is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to increase their energy levels throughout the day!

For me personally, practicing gratitude before bed each night has helped tremendously with getting out of bed in the morning.

What are some ways you raise your vibrations? Let me know below in the comments section!