We all know that getting more sleep is a surefire way to boost your energy — but it’s not the only way to perk yourself up when you need it the most. So we asked members of the Thrive Global community to share the small, effective methods they use to boost theirs in the moment. Which strategy will you try?

Change up your environment

“When I feel my energy dwindling midday, I usually take a short walk outside if the weather cooperates. This gets my heart pumping and changes my environment, activating a new sensory experience. Incorporating mindful walking and taking in my surroundings really helps me avoid that afternoon slump.”

—Anna Frinzi, health coach, Minneapolis, MN

Move at your desk

“I recently brought a Simply Fit Board to my office. It’s shocking how rejuvenated I feel after some quick balancing squats and twists at my desk! I highly recommend it.”

—Allison Graham, keynote speaker, Ontario, Canada

Spend a little time alone

“Energy is so important to me — as an introvert, I need to make sure I re-energise. Big events, spending time networking, or anything that involves socializing can zap my energy, as does intensive, one-on-one coaching, so I always schedule alone time. Whether that’s going for a walk or run, pottering around the house, or giving myself space to read or listen to inspiring podcasts, these methods all really help!”

—Gemma Stow, confidence coach, York, U.K.

Dance (then grab some blueberries!)

“A cardio boost and a handful of blueberries go a long way! I like to turn on a high-energy song and step in front of the mirror. I either pretend that I’m performing or leading a fitness class and literally just do freestyle movements during the entire song. The goal is to keep moving until the track is over. Then I grab a handful of blueberries and some water. The natural sugar in this superfood gives me an extra boost and the hydration quenches the thirst I built up while awakening my body.”

—Michelle Brugal, dance and fitness professional, New York, N.Y.

Jot down a short mantra that moves you

“I write down a short, inspiring mantra before listing my to-do items for the day. I refer back to that phrase when I need a little boost of energy or words of encouragement to get me through a slump or difficult task.”

—Sophia Hock, yoga life coach, Washington, D.C.

Turn on some jazz

“There are a plethora of ways to boost your energy, but it’s all about finding what works for the individual. Although sleep is my number one go-to for boosting it, listening to smooth jazz also does wonders for my energy level. Listening to jazz can potentially benefit your health. The complex rhythms can naturally relieve the mind and body. It gives me more energy because I’m more relaxed than overwhelmed. Boosting it isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of thing, so find what ignites your fire and make it a daily routine!”

—Stacey J. Gholar, media personality, Atlanta, GA

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