Well, they may not be “the best” for you, but they are for me.

I do plenty things on an everyday basis and many of them reduce my stress levels. I didn’t design those daily disciplines that way, it’s just a very desirable after-effect.

1. I exercise

Every day I do a series of pushups and a series of pullups. Sometimes I add more bodyweight exercises.

Regular exercises are like a vaccine against stress and depression. They also keep you healthy, which makes your whole life easier and less stressful.

2. I pray

Nothing ease my stress more quickly and surely than a prayer. If you are believer, there is nothing more consoling than a thought about your almighty Father that loves you and helps you to live your life to the best of your abilities.

If you believe in God and His providence, nothing should stress you at all.

3. I meditate

Scientists are amazed by multiple different holistic effects of meditation. One of them is decreasing levels of cortisone, the “stress hormone,” in the human body.

Well, it’s not surprising at all. The things that stress us the most are our own thoughts and the goal of meditation is to quiet them down.

4. I smile

I have a habit of smiling at everyone around. The genesis of this habit is a story for another article; the important thing is that it helps me feel better. You cannot feel well and stressed out of your mind at the same time.

While smiling alone is a poor remedy for stress, it’s perfect for easing it out.

5. I do meaningful work

And a lot of it at that. My mind is occupied mainly with the specific task at hand. I don’t dwell on my past mistakes or anticipate future catastrophes. I’m busy living my life.

Every day I publish an answer on Quora, write at least 600 words, work on my book advertising business, check on my coaching clients and do dozens of other things. I like doing them. They are aligned with my purpose. I’m good at them.

I’m pretty much satisfied with my life. My meaningful work serves as preventive measure against stress.

6. I keep a gratitude journal

In fact, I keep three of them. One about my wife, one about my kids and one about my days.

Originally published on The Ladders.

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