It’s fascinating when you learn about a singer for the first time; only to fall in love with her talent when listening to one song. Such is the trait of the great ones. They have a way of attracting foreign ears, and getting them to appreciate the beauty in a language, which is new to their auditory.

Such has become my experience with the late, Vietnamese, musical legend, known as, Thai Thanh. You cannot deny the rich acoustics, coloring, patterning, and design within her voice. Even if you tried, her magic does not escape you. In fact, you receive a different vibe to the very word, Vietnam. A very different vibe! And, it is one, which is much more pleasurable to experience.

This song will be on repeat throughout the course of the week. However, let it be known that it’s magic paints the paradise of Vietnamese territory. In fact, it incites my very core in wanting to experience her culinary, majesty, gardens, air, dress, and other expressions of human existence. Through this song, images of US troops evacuating from the city of Saigon have vanished. For, I experience a different picture, through the folktales of, Vietnam.

Thai Thanh