After reading a great book by Ryan Holiday, titled Ego is the Enemy, I realize how quieting the Ego is essential for productivity and productive self-esteem. Relinquishing the Ego is a healthy practice yielding a fortuitous and productive future. Below are many examples of how The Ego damages our lives.  

Ego Creates an Illusionary World:

The Ego is notorious for creating an illusionary world. It convinces us we are the best and we start believing it too. We become delusional that the world orbits around us. We give ourselves more importance than we should under the pretense that without us the world will not be sustainable. Get out of this mindset and treat others the way you would like to be treated. The rewards of this mindset reap better rewards, not only in work life but also in your personal life. 

Ego Creates a False Sense of Entitlement:

Self-Entitlement is a narcissistic personality. Having an attitude where everyone “owes you” only causes a negative outcome. Get out of your head and eliminate this destructive attitude. Instead, reverse this mindset and find ways you can help at work and build great relationships. 

Ego Hinders Growth:

Succumbing to the Ego impedes growth at work and personal life. When Ego gets in the way, one does not allow innovation and new ideas to take place. Let go of Ego, thus allowing flexibility in dialogue with colleagues, friends and family. 

Ego Makes a Bad Situation Worse:

Have you ever been in a situation where the argument was petty but because of your Ego you kept fighting on, being stubborn, wasting time and energy? Imagine if you had instead let go of your Ego. Things would have deescalated, leaving you with a headspace abundant in tranquility and room for the better things in life. Author Ryan Holiday shares a wonderful quote in his book, Ego is the Enemy: 

“Remind yourself how pointless it is to rage and fight and try to one-up those around you. Go and put yourself in touch with the infinite, and end your conscious separation from the world. Reconcile yourself a bit better with the realities of life. Realize how much came before you, and how only wisps of it remain. Let the feeling carry you as long as you can. Then when you start to feel better or bigger than, go and do it again”

It is not possible to completely disregard our ego.  It has a purpose of providing self-esteem and self-confidence. However, it is critical to have a healthy relationship with it and set boundaries. Quieting the Ego appropriately will yield higher productivity and peace of mind.