I know for sure that quitting smoking is one of the challenges that people may have. It is a problem that can be easy or hard to stop depending on the seriousness of a smoker. The reason why smokers start smoking because family and friends are into it. But what makes people stick to it is that they get addicted to nicotine which is one of the chemicals in cigarettes. Nicotine is an addictive ingredient in smoking that makes it hard for a smoker to withdraw.

If you have made the decision to quit, you must expect some physical signs and symptoms. The body that is addicted to nicotine may experience some serious withdrawal when you quit. Therefore, you physical feelings that come as a result of withdrawal can include headaches or stomachaches, lack of energy, sore throat or dry mouth, depression, and a desire to eat.

If you’re ready to endure all the feelings as a result of withdrawal, it is time to set a quit date. Pick a day on your calendar and tell everybody closer to you of your intention. Then, throw away all cigarettes, lighters, ashtrays, and anything that reminds you of cigarettes. Afterward, you can get rid of the smell of cigarettes on your clothes, house, or car by washing or cleaning anything that smells like cigarettes.

It is important to check on your triggers such as the times when you tend to have your cigarette. There is a possibility that you will realize when you tend to smoke such as when you’re driving or after meals. After noticing the triggers, you can try some tips to help you avoid such behaviors. If you prefer smoking as you drive, you can decide to break the connection by taking the bus for a couple of weeks. Also, you can substitute cigarette with something else such as buying your golf bag and start learning golfing.

If you find it hard to quit or the aforementioned strategies don’t work, you can talk to your doctor for a nicotine replacement. The doctor can offer you nicotine replacement gums, inhalers, patches, or nasal sprays. The patch and gum can be bought over the counter but it is important that you consult doctor before purchasing them. Inhalers and sprays can only be available after a doctor’s prescription. It is advisable to talk to a doctor for the best available solution that will work best for you.

It is always necessary to remember that you may slip up and fail to achieve quitting smoking. If this happens and you accidentally find yourself smoking, you should not give up but try again and again to try and stop quitting. In this journey, failure is not an option and succeeding to quit has higher health rewards.

In this journey, it is important that you keep yourself busy. The more you’re distracted, the less likely you will be to crave for cigarettes. Ensure that you have work, school, or anything to keep you busy. It is necessary that you stay active as it also ensures that your energy is up and your weight remains a manageable level. Start the journey today, it is not easy to stop smoking cigarettes but it is possible.