The Thrive Challenge is returning to Muskegon County! Committing to building healthy habits is more important than ever, so Thrive Global is making it easier for you to improve your overall well-being in a time when it matters most.  The Thrive Challenge in Muskegon County runs from June 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020, and you can win up to $15,000! Download the app here to start making better choices today and win big!

I was pushing 400 pounds when I heard former winner Penny Valentine talk about Thrive. Seeing the changes that she was able to make just from sticking to her better choices was inspiring. I thought to myself, “I can do that too,” and decided to focus on making small changes in my life. I like that Thrive isn’t an all-at-once thing. It’s so easy and gradual that you don’t even realize how much you’re actually doing. But it works! I changed my eating and am being more active than I was before. My weight has already dropped from 398 down to 371. I have more energy and was excited to realize that I needed to go down a pant size!

• After losing almost 30 pounds, I’m not getting as winded.
• Texting and video chatting with family helps me stay in touch.
• I’m putting 10% of each paycheck into savings.
• My step tracker keeps me motivated to be more active.

Before I started making changes, I was eating fast food just about every other day. I also had a weakness for snacking on junk food and was eating lots of chips, cookies, candy bars and sweets. I’m more mindful of my eating now and haven’t had a candy bar in three months! Instead of snacking on sweets, I’m making sure I always have a veggie tray in my fridge so I can have something healthy easily available. For my meals, I’m choosing lighter options, like baked chicken and steamed broccoli. Intermittent fasting and not eating anything after 9 at night is also helping me keep an eye on my calories. I’m a results-oriented person, so seeing the weight come off is just more fuel to keep these changes going! It can be a hard process to start out making changes, but Thrive gives me the motivation to get going.