In a culture where exhaustion is celebrated as if a moniker for success, feeling vibrant and wonderfully energized can appear out of reach. Over tiredness opposes how people are meant to thrive. Grace and flow, in sync with natural wellness, is meant to be well-adjusted; not tired, wired and depleted.

Take heart. When you aren’t feeling graceful and flowing with vibrant energy, a little enlightened guidance goes a long way. 

 With a little know how in sync with your self- inspiration and consistent practice; grace, flow and ease can percolate in your busy life.

5 tips to increase your healthful glow:

1. Seek satisfaction. You are not meant for deprivation. When you deprive yourself, your body and mind clench. Clenching doesn’t allow nourishment in. This is why diets only last for a reason or season. Physiologically, satisfaction supports long burning energy as if the kindling on a warming fire.

2. Hydrate. Drink plenty of purified water throughout the day to support the body’s energetic needs. H20 is a macronutrient, right up in importance with fats, protein and carbohydrates. Always start your day with a big glass of room temperature or slightly warm water. Adding lemon or apple cider vinegar to taste (no clenching!) is a nourishing tonic for your internal terrain. Sip throughout water day; and wind down an hour or more before bed. The basic formula for adequate water intake for adults is ½ body weight = # ounces of water + more to compensate for diuretics.

3. Orange and yellow foods make you glow. Enjoy a variety of wonderful seasonal fruits and veggies reflecting golden autumn colors – Peaches, Apricots, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots, Yellow & Orange Peppers, and Winter Squash including Pumpkin, Butternut, Acorn and Spaghetti. These foods contain high amounts of beta carotene which is the precursor for the body to make Vitamin A. They enhance the immune system, bone growth, and help skin repel bacteria and viruses more effectively. These foods are antioxidant rich, have collagen, promote healthy cellular activity, liver function (where the body does most of its detoxifying) and boost immunity.

4. Consume healthy fats. Grass fed butter, olive oil, avocados and coconut oil are examples of healthy fats promoting stable blood sugar. Pairing them with quality protein at meals will keep you going longer than foods which quickly turn to sugar (processed, overly refined, commercialized). Healthy fat in moderation won’t make you fat or sick. Sugar makes you fat and sick.

5. Make the moments for meals. Digestion only occurs in a relaxed state. This is a fact of physiology. Don’t bother eating on the run, in the car, or while stressed because it will cause more issues downstream. This practice is one of the most loving habits you can impart on your children. Lives are enhanced with gathering at meal times every day and for celebrations which every season is abundant to offer.

A better feeling life is possible for everyone! No matter your level of satisfaction with your current outward and inward wellness, little changes are the lasting way to shift to a life with more bubbly energy, health and happiness.

Even when a person’s habits and lifestyle choices are much less than optimal, a gentle approach incorporating aligned simple small changes practiced consistently is most effective for a lifelong healthy lifestyle improvement. Check out my Zero Deprivation Promise to get a feel for just how satisfied, delicious and easy your lifestyle can be.

Changing seasons is a perfect time to make room for more of what you want. People are creatures of the natural world in which we live. Choose subtle yet consistent change aligned with more natural ease and flow.  

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