The new line of swimwear all over your Instagram feed,(and also the one you are drooling over), Raeraeswimwear is the new buzz of the town. Enforcing body positivity and all gender inclusivity, this brand is also ecologically conscious. Its founders- Rae Castagno, Cameron Sylvia & Tomas Chlup, aim to grow and expand their brand, and with it, inspire women wearing their brand to love their body. 

The Los Angeles-based company is making six-figure revenues within a year of starting. They are also working with big-shot brand corporations and TikTokers, like Tayler Holder, Nikita Dragun and much more. The Raeraeswimwear brand offers an online swimsuit clothing store for women, where they provide the best customer service, helping the customer find the perfect swimsuit to make them feel included and beautiful.

How The Idea Turned Into A Reality 

The idea originated when Rae saw her father disrespect her mother, which took a hit on her mother’s self-esteem, and self-love. This frustrated Rae and inspired her to create a brand that reinforced the idea of beauty being present in all shapes and sizes. She was always fond of fashion, and this idea inspired her to start sketching swimwear designs as her creative outlet. “Before I knew it I had samples, picked out packaging, and found the perfect name, and the perfect idea. I launched Raeraeswimwear on May 22, 2018.” 

Rae met a famous TikToker, Cameron Sylvia, who then decided to partner together on “Raeraeswimwear.” They also created a content house called, “The Rae House LA,” teaching new creators and new social media influencers how to grow and make 6-7 figures in less than 6-12 months. This initiative was helped by Tomas Chlup, who is well known on Instagram, with over 1.4 million followers.

The Inspiration 

What inspired Rae Castagno to start were the Kardashians and celebrity Nikita Dragun. “Their strong mindset. They just inspire me to become just as confident, independent, and successful as them. They don’t care what anyone says, they are so brave and confident with a business mindset that inspired me to run a business,” she explains. 

On asking how she aims to inspire others, she says, “We inspire others by helping others build their self-esteem. By posting positive quotes on social media, posting reminders to our fans that they are amazing. We help them feel included!” She strongly believes that your looks are a very small percentage of your personality and echoes this thought in every way possible.

Future Vision and Message to Fans 

The pandemic couldn’t stop them from achieving their goals, and after the pandemic is over, they aspire to continue to grow, inspire more people, and expand Raeraeswimwear internationally. At the moment, they are taking all the necessary steps laid out by the CDC to keep all the employees, as well as the customers safe. 

On that note, they share a life lesson they’ve learned over the years. “To enter a relationship, you have to love yourself first.” And that is exactly what the brand centers around- loving yourself rather than waiting for a significant other.