The idea of choosing an architecture or a design career has been changing intensely. There is a clear rise in the demand for interior designers as more and more people seek that extra pretty look for their homes and most of the people who buy new homes in the country are hiring an interior designer. When the demand exceeds the supply, more people enter the market and this is on an uptrend these days.

Raja Abhishek Kondamareddy is an Interior designer from Hyderabad, India who started his career by choosing Engineering and after some time he changed it completely. At just the age of 27, he now extends his footprints working with multiple residential and commercial projects around the world. Raja Abhishek completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Interior and Product design from Florence, Italy where he lived for about 7 years and developed a fondness towards the Italian design style. After the completion of graduation in 2017, he has worked with multiple Italian companies for about 2 years and later left his job to start his Architecture and Design company in India.

Speaking about why he decided to move back to India he says, “The demand for Architecture and Design is huge and still rising in India. India is not the same country as it was 10 years ago. The rate of development is amazing and it’s also due to the fact of changing mindset of the people. Everyone wants their home to look special. Everyone is willing to spend a little extra to make their home look beautiful.”

There is no surprise that youngsters of India are picking Architecture and Interior Design as their career option which was once examined to be a risky career choice. Raja says “It’s good that youngsters are considering other career options other than Engineering. A decade ago this would be a very risky thing to do but not anymore. There are more than enough opportunities to grow and we can see it.”

Raja Abhishek is now one of the best upcoming interior and product designers from India who has experience of working with clients from different parts of the world. His story is inspiring for us and his motive is to encourage the young crowd to follow their passion. He says that you must give 100% to whatever you are passionate about and success will automatically follow you. Today, he’s working with clients from different parts of the world like the USA, Italy, and India.