It was nearly 5 months into me jogging in my sports shoes, around the public park that one fine day I found this aged person, standing barefooted facing towards the rising sun. I had this inquisitiveness of approaching him for all the questions budding in my mind, watching him walk barefooted.

Yet, I held myself back for not disrupting him when he was busy with his activities. Though I already had an idea, on benefits of touch of earth, I had never implemented it. This person was a gift to remind me this, when all I could think was of investing in extra comfortable sports shoes.

The next morning after making quite a research on its benefits, I was surprised to know that it is not a thing of the past and is called “Earthing”, connecting you to the Earth’s natural energy. The sand, grass, dirt or rock is natural healers when they come in contact with the skin, due to its free electrons, which are nature’s antioxidant available in abundance.They help in diminishing free radicals combating stress and other inflammatory diseases. 

It’s been three months of me adapting barefoot walking every morning and it has left great results on my well-being. Not only I am more active but also it has increased my decision-making power. If hygiene concerns you then you can practice in on a mat or a towel too. The healing comes to all regardless age, gender and race or health status.