No one is spared from the damaging and life-threatening effects of the pandemic the world is facing right now. As world economies are being brought to their knees due to the significant slump that many businesses are experiencing, it can also be expected that people belonging to the marginalized sector are the worst hit. Rapper Hoodrich $langa is looking after homeless people in his neighborhood by donating a portion of the proceeds from a recent business deal.

Just last June 26, with the help of his trusted lawyer Michelle Iuber, Hoodrich $langa successfully closed a $30,000 business deal. After much deliberation, the deal finally pushed through after Iuber convinced the rapper that his interests are well-protected. The compassionate artist, born King Bando, made sure to remember the homeless people in his neighborhood by setting aside $5,000 to be donated for the less fortunate. He is also setting aside another $5,000 to be used to purchase face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, food, and water for the homeless. 

Additionally, King is planning to invest another $10,000 on a rental property to provide shelter for a family who has been looking for a home for quite some time. King’s compassionate heart also inspired him to initiate an event on his Facebook account, where he gave out giveaways to five lucky fans. That initiative went viral on social media as people were inspired by his act of kindness. King plans to mount another similar event on his Facebook page very soon. 

Growing up in Fayette, Mississippi, King was strongly influenced by the music of 50 Cent, Z-Ro, Twista, T.I., and Nelly. His inclination toward music surfaced when he was only seven years old. When he was in junior high school, he started to take music seriously and established a rap group among his peers. He also started writing his own songs. Some of the songs he worked on include “Our Situation,” “So Fly,” and “Big Blocks.”

Despite the lack of parental supervision in his life, King was motivated to develop his rapping and songwriting skills. Back in high school, he also performed in many pep rallies while studying. Despite the fact that life was hard for him, he managed to put himself through high school. Afterward, he pursued a certification in welding. 

He started working in 2010 but still prioritized working on his music at the same time. By 2017, King had enough funds to start investing in a rental property and his own music career. He also started doing motivational speaking, giving back to his community to better the lives of the less fortunate and later became a neighborhood activist. 

In the same year, King had his first booking and performed his singles “Take a Ride” and “Suck It” at Gulfport, Mississippi. Toward the end of that year, King launched his own clothing line and named it Hoodrich Things. Having no intention of slowing down, King also founded his own company before 2017 ended and called it R.B.A. Records, L.L.C. 

Finally, after ten productive years of welding and a million dollars in earnings, the accomplished artist focused more of his attention on his music. As a result, his musical career became more fruitful and paved the way for a collaboration with T-Rell for his single “Money Talk.” Another collaboration came into play with Nino Brown in 2019 for his single “Bust It Open.” King and Nino later performed the single in Port Gibson and Baton Rouge. 

King Bando is expected to produce more impactful songs in the near future. His passion for music and commitment to his recording company will surely make him a more successful artist and entrepreneur in the years to come. 

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