So many professionals can identify with the feeling of being stressed as a result of their job. Regardless of your job title, you may be subject to high-stress situations regularly. Managers, in particular, are responsible for addressing any issues that may arise with their team, such as performance issues and providing training while keeping everyone motivated. With so many things on your plate and more appearing each day, working as a manager can cause you to feel stress, which can eventually lead to burnout. It’s essential to recognize what may be causing you to feel burnt out and find a way to resolve it. Here are some common reasons you may feel burnt out and some ways to solve the problems. 

Take a Break

When you’re a manager, you may feel that you need to be available for your team at any moment. You want to ensure that they have the resources to be successful, but it shouldn’t lead you to become chained to your desk all day. Everyone needs a break from time to time to be able to reset and return refreshed. During your workday, be sure that you are taking your breaks and actually leave your desk for lunch. This time can be very beneficial to your work and could increase your productivity. Aside from these short breaks, be sure to take your paid vacations to get the opportunity for more than just a weekend off of work.

Evaluate At Your Personal Time

When you are stressed or overworked, it is key that your life outside of work is balanced. Take stock of how you spend your time because it could impact your work life. For example, maybe you regularly stay up late to do some work or freelancing. While it may be necessary that you get that task done, it is also imperative that you make time to get a good night’s rest. Sleep has a significant impact on your mind and body. It is the time we have to rest and recover from all that you’ve done in a day. While some people may fill their days with too much activity, others may be missing out. You may get all the things done that you have to do, you may not dedicate any time to something that you want to do. It’s important to find an activity that you enjoy and can act be a distraction or escape from all the things you have to worry about at work. Try to make time for a new, or old, hobby or take a new exercise class that you’ve meaning to check out. 

As people in a leadership position responsible for the work of others, managers are continually being pulling in multiple directions. However, if, as a manager, you can make time for yourself, you can become more productive overall.