One of the most painful experiences we will have is being exposed to people with toxic energy levels. Whether it comes from family members, work colleagues, a boss, so-called “friends,” neighbors, or random people you may come across in the street, the unfortunate reality is that it exists. Sometimes, circumstances forces one in having to deal with that energy. You have no other option, but to be around that one unpleasant person. Other times, it is a collective of individuals. What makes the situation even more daunting is when you can not avoid people, who exert levels of toxicity.

The fact of the matter is that toxic people can be draining. Not only is it draining, but if you hang around them for far too long, you end up feeling depleted of your own self-esteem. Your self worth becomes an area of attack, and soon you question if you are even good enough. Wondering if you are the problem, soon you start to ask yourself if you are truly what people say you are. Next thing you know, you are depressed, stressed, and an emotional mess. Of course, you want to avoid that from happening. The last think you want to is fall apart, due to someone else’s personal limitations, jealousy, or perception of you. Here are a few tips in how you can keep yourself mentally and emotionally safe, from the toxic behavior of unpleasant people.

*Establish Boundaries

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The first thing needing to be done is to teach people how they are to behave in your space. I know it can sound cliche. And, I know that you may not feel you have the time to teach grown adults how to behave. Sometimes that’s what you have to do, if you want to protect your energy and emotional sectors. Protect your personal times and spacing. Let such individuals know when you are, and are not, available to discuss certain topics, or if you will discuss anything at all. If there are times when you don’t have to engage with them, DON’T!

*Clear Your Space To Attract Positive Energies

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Many times, negative energies are able to enter into our spaces, because we have not cleared away any imbalances from, within. Make sure that you have done that. If its within a particular office setting, buy yourself flowers, bring candles, and other refreshing things into the mix. Often times, people treat you how you treat yourself. Make sure you are making a bold statement in how people are to respect your personal, or living space.

*Correct People When They Cross The Line

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You have every right to stand up for yourself, and to let people know when they have abused their authority or have disrespected you with their actions, mannerisms, or words. Whoever they are in your life, does not give them the right to abuse you. Mentally and emotionally, it can be agonizing when you miss that moment to stand up for yourself, out of hesitation. Perhaps, you questioned if you should have said it, given their position in your life. At the end, you end up suffering over the ordeal. If this is something that you struggle with, practice saying it to yourself, when you are by yourself. Say it until you are confident, and then address the person, or collective group of individuals.

*Treat Yourself To Something Nice

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Being in circumstances where you have to deal with toxic people (for a certain time) can be very damaging. That’s why it is very important for you to treat yourself, nice. Go to a spa. Take yourself out to dinner. Treat yourself to a nice activity. Do wonderful things that make you feel good. That includes hobbies, hanging out with other positive people, and enjoying every part of your existence.

*Keep A Diary Or Journal

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It is very important, and especially during this time, to purge any toxic energy from your mental psyche. Why? The answer is simple. You gain peace of mind. There is nothing better than feeling your emotional and mental well-being cleansed and purged from horrendous energies. Nothing like it. In fact, writing is a form of healing. Know that you have every right to experience, healing. Enjoy, and feel nourished, in that particular journey.

*Make A List Of All Your Good Qualities

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One of the most powerful things in not allowing toxic people to bring down your energy levels, is to highlight your light, even more. Of course we all have our imperfections. We all have improvements, needing to be made. However, while we are on a daily elevation, let’s remember the beauty of who we are. One of the devastating things, surrounding toxic energy and the people who perform it, is that it constantly views your image as a negative. Consistently trying to find efforts in locating your faults. Doing it purposefully, in order to break you, emotionally. Counter that with positive love to yourself. Make sure that you do that daily. Rest and assured, it does wonders for your self-esteem.

*Hold Yourself

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Yes! Wrap your arms around your shoulders, your waist, and give yourself a big hug. Pat yourself on the bag, and give yourself lots of love. It can be very painful, and heavy, when dealing with toxic individuals. If no one else is giving you praise, remember to at least, do it for yourself. When negative energy comes running towards you, give yourself love, times 10. Always counter hateful vibes with love. If they don’t want to receive it, remember to give it to, yourself.

More than ever, it is important for people to understand just how essential it is to protect their energies from negative people, and atmospheres. Furthermore, it is even more essential for people to understand that they don’t have to “tolerate” toxic energy and behavior from other people. It does not matter who they are. Your life matters. Your value matters. Do not allow yourself to be the scapegoat for other people’s insecurities, hatred, bigotry, and toxic vibes. It is important that in any relationship (i.e. work, familial, friendship, and others) you create a safe space for yourself. One of nurture, support, care, and love. Just center yourself out of their toxic ways.

(Source:; Edits By Lauren K. Clark


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