Even if we keep discussing about fitness, health, nutrition and the like, the more we would feel the need to keep discussing the same in a world that is currently going through some real tough times. People did have knowledge about how they could maintain a good health and body through daily workouts, but many of them hardly gave their 100% into doing their bit for their body and lifestyle. However, fitness influencers and trainers like Tomas Chlup have changed the game for the better and have come at the forefront of the fitness industry to make people realize how all these things will get them nearer to living life happier, healthier and more satisfying with great nutritional food choices as well.

Tomas Chlup as a kid living in the city of Kamenice and Lipou, Czech Republic hardly had any clue that his love for an active lifestyle would take him into the world of sports with long-distance running and then into CrossFit as a fitness expert. Always striving to be a different individual, Tomas Chlup decided to be a runner and then even began his website; https://www.dvabezci.cz/ to write blogs and articles on his varied experiences in the same, coupled with many amazing food recipes as well that could take people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to his girlfriend, who took him towards CrossFit that completely changed his life and career for the better. His girlfriend, in partnership with a few others, had even started a CrossFit gym, which unfortunately had to shut down due to the pandemic; however, Tomas Chlup decided to go digital with his talent and passion for fitness for spreading its significance in today’s time and age.

He loves to inspire people and thus also became an Instagram influencer who bowls over his clients with his daily unique fitness workout, training and content. To take forward his goal to make people healthier and fitter, he even started his project ‘Fit Inspiration’, www.fit-inspiration.com, to inspire people with home workouts and also cooking at home nutritional food recipes that can help them further in getting their desired results in fitness. He wishes to reach people across all parts of the world digitally and spread across his knowledge and insights about fitness.

He is also working upon ‘Konektr’, which is an upcoming project in the form of a mobile app which is in the making with his friends for all the influencers, for monetizing their audiences through video calls with fans and followers, chatting with them and also seeing some exclusive content.

To check out for yourself the success that this youngster has achieved so far, follow this Instagram fitness influencer now @tomski.chl.