In Ayurveda practices , body, mind and consciousness work together in maintaining balance as  they are viewed as different facets of one’s being. Focusing on ourselves as ‘one being’ enables us to take a holistic approach to managing our overall health and well being  – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Connecting our body and mind allows us to build clarity, energy, focus and physical strength so that we can feel amazing on the inside and outside. 

Today  I am sharing 3 Tips on how to connect your body and mind to transform your self and reach your health, wellness, fitness or mindset goals. 

#1 Build Your Own Inner and Outer Strength 

It’s been said that you are your own best friend and worst enemy.  We are in charge of our inner and outer strength – if its not us, it won’t be anyone else. Many of us realise our own inner strength during times of adversity. What if though, we could be proactive and focus on building our inner and outer strength. 

Build your inner strength by treating yourself the way you would your best friend. To do this, speak nicely to yourself,  be present grateful for the experiences that you encounter; find the opportunities to connect with others; and realise that you have choice in your life.

Build your outer strength by focusing on physical activity or exercise that you enjoy or that makes you feel fit. Enhance this strength by being in tune to your body; listen to its signals of when it needs rest and renewal; and consciously that your body and be grateful for the way it serves you each and every day. 

Nourish your body with natural and wholesome foods that serve you; if you are not sure what works for your, work with a nutritionist or holistic health practitioner to get some ideas. 

Nourish your mind by giving yourself some headspace throughout each day – even if its for just a few minutes at a time. 

Individuals with inner and outer strength build a holistic platform for themselves and put in practices that serve their physical body enhance their mental and spiritual well beings. 

#2 Be You & Love Yourself For It 

Brene Brown says “What’s the greater risk? Letting go of what people think – or letting go of how I feel, what I believe, and who I am”

Just Being Yourself and  believing in yourself builds self esteem. It is okay to let go of what others think of you; to forgive others and yourself for the pain that you have gone through and to let go of people that do not enhance or nourish your life. 

Doing this is liberating, and it allows you to be surrounded by like minded people that approach you with the same thoughtfulness, kindness, love and compassion that you should approach yourself with. 

If you struggle with being your authentic self around others, I suggest starting with yourself – journal what you feel, what you believe and who you are.

Carry this around, value it, and be proud of who you are and what you represent and be present to the fact that there is only one of you in this world. 

#3 Approach Yourself With A Curious Mind 

Be open minded to learning about yourself with a curious mind, acceptance and contentment. Rather than analyse what did or didn’t happen, practice approaching yourself curiously, just ‘being’  and letting go of consistently need to be ‘doing’. 

Consider what you learn about yourself by just being and how it feels in your body and your mind when you take this approach. Start with this practice slowly and consciously daily. It may not seem like much is happening however if you trust this process it will bring serenity and peace to your body and mind, and contentment to your life.  

I will finish this, by sharing a quote that resonates with me daily:

““When you’re in good physical, emotional and spiritual health – the hard things are easy. When we’re not in good physical, emotional and spiritual health – the easy things are hard.” John Assaraf

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Helen Reed – Develop Your Best Self


  • Helen Reed

    Mindfulness, Holistic Health and Transformation Coach

    Business Owner, Thought Provoker and Entrepreneur focused on holistic approach to mind body well being. Feature as a best selling author of "She Made it Happen" (2017) and recently launched a Corporate Women's Tribe - Motivated Mindful and Moving Women to build and drive positive connections of all like minded women

    She is a corporate businesswoman, a mum and owns her own business - Kappatalize Wellness.  She recently launched a Womens Tribe - Motivated Mindful & Moving Women for women who are overwhelmed and want to learn how to live their most authentic self by focusing on their health and well being through fitness, nutrition, natural living and mindfulness.

    She has worked in the corporate and consulting world for 15 years, focusing on how people shift their mindset when faced with challenging work environments.

    She is a successful motivational speaker and has even authored a chapter in the best selling series "She Made it Happen: 22 inspiring stories from female entrepreneurs around the world"

    She is also the owner of Kappatalize Wellness - a fitness, health and wellness business, where she works with both men and women to help them live the best life they possibly can, with a focus on healthy living through exercise, nutrition, mindset, mindfulness  and wellness programs.

    She is a qualified Change & Project Manager,  Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Trainer, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, NLP Certified and Mindfulness Certified Coach.

    When she is not working or running her own business, she is spending time with her young family, exercising, taking on challenging outdoor adventures,  playing and watching sports and living life :-)