The Exponentials of Happiness by Luis Gallardo

How can we bridge scarcity and abundance, belonging and loneliness, rich and poor, fulfilled and unfulfilled individuals and societies?

The solution to this conundrum resides deep inside each individual through both our dynamic and fluctuating conditions. As such, how—and the way—we interact in communities, both global and local, our connectivity, coupled with our personal level of awareness and mindfulness, will ultimately determine world happiness.

Stop, feel and understand. What will your next chapter in the great story of all of us be? In The Exponentials of Happiness, Gallardo calls on all fellow members of the great human family to unite together in a new alliance and common vision to advance his new economic genus and human development paradigm.

Through this book’s approach, we can join together and unlock the limitless potential of all of us. Let’s learn how to make this happen in The Exponentials of Happiness.

Cover of the book in Spanish

To realize a world with more happiness and less misery, we must make scientifically proven tools and techniques available to the greatest number of people possible, throughout the world.

Happiness is the first step to creating societies that live in peace, with individuals capable of being the best that they can be.

The book is part of The Exponentials of Happiness Lab. TEOH a community of thought provokers and practitioners making a huge impact around the world, realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all.

The book is available on Amazon and The Exponentials of Happiness Lab. TEOH.