There are situations in our lives where there are obstacles to overcome before a solution can be found. These obstacles may be from an emotional perspective, or an economic one, or a situation of interpersonal relations, among others.

Solutions don’t always appear clearly. We may not be ready to confront a problem, or may need to resolve an economic issue, without making headway. Having a clear perspective is not always possible. Our perception of a situation colors our experience.

An economic issue may also be hard to tackle. The solution is not always up to us. We can try to find ways to gain employment, or get a raise, or bring down the amount of our debts. But we must count with the other side. The potential employer, the amount of income needed to bring down the amount of the debts.

Interpersonal relationships are sometimes the most difficult to resolve. We can control what we think, do and say but we cannot control someone else. In this situation a great deal of flexibility is necessary so an agreement can be reached with others. This applies even with family members. Conflict is only resolved by agreeing to make a compromise.

Sometimes reaching the point of a solution is very painful. Feelings get hurt, relationships are severed, and making a breakthrough is a tough issue. The most important thing to keep in mind is that conflict cannot be resolved by further conflict. The willingness to listen and reach an agreement is essential.

When issues of violence are present, finding a middle ground can seem impossible. In such cases the best thing is to keep clearly in mind that our safety and that of loved ones is key. At that point a breaking away may be the best solution. The most important thing is to make sure nobody gets physically hurt.

Our minds are a storage place of information. That is why maintaining perspective is so crucial. Emotional problems do not get resolved easily. Even more so when third persons are involved. A possible solution is to keep at bay of issues that are highly confrontational. Letting the other person win may seem a loss but it can actually be beneficial.

The main goal is reaching resolution. To achieve that flexibility is key, as was said before. When dealing with an economic problem seeking advice from someone that can help to create a budget is a good idea. If looking for work is the issue, persistence is essential. It may seem that getting a job takes forever but is is crucial not to give up.

In all of the situations discussed the most important part is not to give up. Even if a problem seems to have no solution, we must keep looking for one. Feeling that we are capable to be with ourselves and look for help when needed will help us to resolve issues, regardless of how difficult they are. The way to a solution is believing it can be reached. That is the single most important part of the puzzle.