Read About Pakistani Entrepreneur Waseem Shahzad Successful Startup Journey
Read About Pakistani Entrepreneur Waseem Shahzad Successful Startup Journey

Waseem Shahzad 25-year-old young entrepreneur and digital marketing expert from Pakistan. He started his career at a really young age as a full stack developer and later went on to become a Radio jockey As RJ and slowly over time he made his name in the music and digital marketing industry; and in a couple of Month  time he founded (DXB Media Solution ), working for many elite artists, brands and celebrities. 

Some of his clients have included: singer Shahid Shabaz. Hamdan Balushi, Maya, Fahad Abdullah, Taraneh, Sultan Saif, Uncle Naji.

He was introduced to marketing at an early point in his life and ensured this profession with a mindful and competitive approach as a result. Shahzad is fuelled by his passion for understanding the nuances of modern-day marketing and advertising.

While talking to Wasim he said, “He considers himself a “forever student” eager to build new and up-to-date marketing strategies to aid him to flourish in the marketing industry. His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action and by spotting opportunities in new and existing markets has contributed to his recent achievements.”

Over the past few years, Waseem has managed and developed many artists from scratch to Elite, charting their tracks on many social media platforms, helping them maximize their digital presence, over time Waseem aims to take on board artists from different countries around the world and showcase the hidden talents.

His theory for success is simple: “It’s all about making connections. Customers. Investors. Partners. Press. Build that trust. Speak their language. The little things count.”