Plus three tips for getting to sleep more easily!

In his “Brainstorm Health Daily” newsletter, Fortune deputy editor Clifton Leaf shares a confession: “I pulled an all-nighter to write about the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.” And while we certainly don’t endorse that behavior, we think we can make an exception this time.

That’s because Thrive Global officially launched Wednesday, which Leaf covered in an in-depth story in Fortune. Thrive Global, he writes, “is [Arianna] Huffington’s biggest and boldest effort to solve the human burnout problem,” a company with a “deeply enticing” mission.

“What’s compelling here is not so much the message that well-being leads to happiness, but rather that well-being leads to productivity… and creativity,” he writes. “And the opposite is equally true: burnout, exhaustion, and even more moderate chronic tiredness are productivity (and creativity) killers.”

Read about the origin story of Thrive Global, our business model, and more — plus three tips for getting to sleep more easily! — right here.

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