Did you know that books affect your mental health? According to Dr. David Lewis, by reading just 6 mins a day you can decrease stress levels by 60%, ease muscle tension and alter your state of mind. Studies have also shown that memory loss is reduced with reading. 

Here are 4 reasons why reading is inextricable for a healthy mindset:

1. Reading Makes You Smarter: Reading is a workout for your brain. Through reading you can gain general knowledge, expand your vocabulary and strengthen your verbal skills. Furthermore, reading comprehension, focus and concentration allow you to reap the benefits of reading as well. You can teach yourself new topics and be the master of your education. Studies have found, in teenagers in particular, that reading has enhanced their academic standing, personal development and social interactions. In addition, scientific research shows reading decreases memory loss by 32% compared to those who do not read. 

Photo Credit: Unsplash

2. It Disconnects You from Social Media: Reading coerces you to take time away from social media and divulge in a creative and organic way of entertainment. It helps you disconnect, reset and detox from the information overload from today‚Äôs tech-driven society. It is a great hobby to adhere to, never leaving you with a dull moment. Rather than spending your invaluable time on social media, it is used in an enriching way. 

3. The Perfect Mental Escape: Though you are sitting in a familiar place, through a book you can transcend into a fictional place that your mind conjures up. For many, taking time off for a vacation is not possible, but with a good book you feel you have been transported. It keeps the mind at bay, away from the daily humdrum. With fiction books especially, you have the power of unleashing your creativity and indulging in your own interpretation of the book.

4. Book Club Member: Being part of a book club and discussing what you have read with others helps foster a healthy lifestyle. Interacting with others encourages healthy discussions, tolerance and an advancement in communication skills. The pandemic has left many lonely, and joining a book club helps build relationships with like minded people.