Actors On Set / Personal Photo of TwinsFromRussia

Good time of the day, everybody. We are identical twins Kirill Revega and Filipp Revega, actors, musicians, social media influencers originally from Russia. Currently, we reside in Los Angeles, California pursuing our careers and enjoying every single day of our journey. But our life has never been like that. As well as majority of other people, we have gone through lots of stress and emotional instability before we got that happiness wake-up call – a moment when we realized that this is our time to make a move and we cannot miss it! We are happy to share our story with everyone who can relate to our life experience and we hope that after reading this – we will encourage you to grow enough confident to follow your passion instead of ignoring your happiness wake-up calls.


First time we visited United States throughout our college years. We were studying in Russia but during our summer break we went to Los Angeles as an exchange students. We were amazed by this city, by opportunities that it has to offer and we understood that by staying in Russia, we will never be able to become professional and demanded actors, creatives. We felt like that are certain limits and we won’t be able to grow as much as we would be able to do so in Los Angeles. Ever since, we had this plan in our mind – once we finish our Bachelor degree in Russia, we will be ready to take off and create our future. Time is fleeting and college years went by like a second. But life is life, even though that you have plans and ideas inside of you, it is really hard to actually make decisions like that. After graduation at the age of 21, we had to get a job in Russia to be able to support ourselves without parents. We were freelance videographers, shooting different events, weddings etc. We used to work in the office, editing videos 9 to 5 and we felt so unhappy because we knew that we have something creative in us. We were behind the camera back then but we remembered Los Angeles – the place where we could truly express ourselves and work towards our passion. Daily job five times a week – that was the peak of our depression and stress. That was the time, when we had to work just to get the money. We were totally burned out doing something that we are not really passionate about, knowing that we belong to something different. Our parents and friends saw all that, they saw our daily struggles and they reminded us the goal that we set ourselves throughout our college years – to go back to Los Angeles to focus on our professional acting careers. Working day and night, it’s very difficult to follow the plan that you set for yourself. So we basically lost our motivation stucked in this daily routine. But support from our family, friends was the last happiness wake-up call and from this moment we knew – we are sticking to this job only until we get enough money for our move. From this moment we completely changed our mindset, we were focused on our goal and we were confident about what we are doing. While saving up the money, we were doing our research about Los Angeles and paperwork at the same time. We wanted to know how does the acting industry works in this city before we actually get here. Almost one year later, we packed our luggage’s, put together our portfolios and acting reels and we were ready to go!


After two and a half years being in Los Angeles, working on our acting and social media careers, we accomplished majority of our goals, gained a lot of professional experience. We have been part of some great projects, short and feature lengths films, music videos, commercials etc. Surrounded by other creatives we got into music and right now we have 5 songs out that have pretty good amount of streams online. All that was possible only because we finally listened a happiness wake-up calls back in days and followed the way it lead us to.


It is not easy to make a change in your lifestyle to safeguard your own happiness but we are assure you that at the end of the day – it is totally worth it. There are so many people with big ambitions around the world who are not ready for a life change but if you EVER had a single though that you want to do something, you should totally DO it despite all your doubts and fears. Only this way you won’t blame yourself later on in life that you did not try. And please, do not ignore the happiness wake-up calls that you feel! There is a reason why your soul sends them to you!

Thank you so much for you attention. We hope that our story and experience are going to motivate you to follow your dreams and never give up on them. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media pages @TwinsFromRussia.