I love running! I love running so much I am now training for my first full marathon, The Publix Atlanta Marathon this coming March 2019! Nothing like running clears my mind, and every mile I run builds confidence that transcends into all aspects of my life. There are no shortcuts to endurance training; training is hard work with lots of grueling runs that require perseverance.

Why I Started Running

Several years ago, I learned I would need to have a fairly invasive surgery in an uncharted territory that made me realize I cannot take my health for granted. The unknown of the operation was terrifying and to deal with the stress and anxiety, I turned to exercise. As an introvert with a high energy level, the elliptical machines and spin classes just weren’t cutting it, so I started running. Running became my therapy. It improves my focus, confidence and my overall mental and physical wellbeing. Running guru Danny Abshire, co-founder of Newton Running Shoes and author of “Natural Running” said, “Running can bring an open mind perspective on what otherwise seems a challenge that cannot be overcome”.

“An Entrepreneur, in many ways, is like a Marathon Runner.”

A recent article shared how marathon runners are not born, they are made. Entrepreneurship is like running a marathon; you are running your own race and it is stamina and endurance that will carry you to the end. Leadership lessons that apply to entrepreneurs include:

  • Be disciplined about a routine that works for you.
  • Take one step at a time and set small goals to reach the larger goal.
  • Surround yourself with people who energize you. While runners run alone they draw inspiration and energy from those around them.
  • Both runners and entrepreneurs need to indulge in self-care to avoid burnout.

Ready. Set. Run.

Running does not come naturally to me. I started as a heel striker and could be heard from miles away! It seemed like every time I was finally building momentum; I got injured. After countless shin splints and other running-related injuries, I started researching the body mechanics of running and learned about natural running. The natural running philosophy made sense to me and in 2014, I made the switch to a brand of running shoes called Newton Running and hired a running coach to lean into my natural running style. Newton Running shoes, along with my running coach “trained” me to become a midfoot striker. Newton Running shoes were a game changer for me; I am proud to say in the last four years, I have placed in the top 40% in five half marathons, four 10 mile races and countless 15K and 10K races…. all injury free! Today, running seven miles at a time is the new normal, and I can easily run ten miles at a time without feeling wiped out.

Newton Running Company

Newton Running Company is a Colorado-based running brand that takes a science-based approach to running co-founded by running guru Danny Abshire and original co founder and investor, Jerry Lee. Every day and elite runners from across the globe have turned to Danny for assistance with running injuries.After many years of helping athletes and runners like myself, Danny realized many runners injuries were caused from over striding, and there was a connection of overstriding and the height of the heel in modern running shoes and hence, Newton Running shoes were born.


With a continued focus on comfort and performance, Danny Abshire has branched out on his own and founded a new Colorado-based running brand called Active88. Runners are using the Active88 Boulder model in 5k thru full marathon races along with the Ironman Austria and recently in the world championships in Kona. In my conversation with Danny, I learned the shoes are produced in small batches of 500 to ensure the high quality standards are being met.

To learn more about Newton Running or Active88, please visit https://www.newtonrunning.com/ or https://www.activeimprintsco.com/


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