SANTA ROSA, California, May 26, 2021 – Earning a C-Suite level position is no small feat. Regardless of the industry, hopeful candidates will face fierce competition and plenty of obstacles on their way to the coveted corner office. 

With valuable experience helping candidates achieve their next promotion, Enlow and Associates is pleased to illuminate the path to the C-Suite. Since 1987, the renowned executive search firm has been proud to match growing companies with highly successful business leaders. 

The following tips will help candidates surpass the competition for the next opening in their company’s leadership team. 

Make Positive, Lasting Changes Within the Company 

As the President and CEO of Enlow and Associates, Mark Enlow has placed hundreds of candidates in executive positions throughout the course of his career. Over the years, Enlow has noted that the most successful candidates were those who made a recognizable, positive impact within the company. 

To rise to the top of a business’s leadership team, it is essential that candidates highlight their value to the company as a whole. To get to the C-Suite, it’s not enough to simply work hard and have a good attitude. Mark Enlow says that executives are relentless in their resilience, dedication, and work ethic. 

On top of these invaluable qualities, C-Suite candidates positively impact their team and the company as a whole. By going above and beyond, C-Suite candidates are sure to get noticed and position themselves as future business leaders.

Broaden Your Experience 

One of the best ways to present yourself as a potential executive is to increase your knowledge and experience within your company. Mark Enlow says that successful executives are the ones who constantly search for opportunities to develop new skills and expand their horizons. 

Get involved with different branches of your company to familiarize yourself with other teams’ day-to-day operations and objectives. By pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you will automatically gain a broader understanding of the company as a whole. 

Taking the initiative to learn about other teams will show leadership that you are motivated and thinking beyond your short-term professional trajectory. With a well-rounded set of skills and a deeper understanding of other teams, you’ll be poised to show leadership what you’re capable of. 

Mark Enlow Recommends Nurturing Positive Working Relationships 

While learning about different company branches is critical for C-Suite hopefuls, it is also necessary to develop positive, professional relationships with colleagues and peers. Enlow and Associates revealed that one of the first steps in C-Suite interviewing is asking for peer recommendations. 

Candidates who haven’t taken the time to nurture professional relationships with their colleagues are less likely to make it to the corner office. To make it to the next level professionally, keep your eye on the prize from day one. Even if you start as a low-level employee, making a good impression and working hard will pay off for future pursuits. 

Develop A Professional Online Presence 

Enlow and Associates’ final tip to C-Suite candidates is to be “searchable.” In today’s digital age, business leaders are likely to Google search for potential executives before interviews or decision-making. By putting some of your professional information on the Internet, you can immediately gain credibility and trust with hiring executives. 

Candidates should take the time to fill out their LinkedIn profile, linking relevant professional publications that showcase past achievements and milestones. Additionally, C-Suite candidates should be sure to specify their job titles so that recruiters can find them more easily. 

Enlow and Associates is proud to share these practical tips to help C-Suite candidates take the next step in their careers. By building positive working relationships, maintaining an unwavering work ethic, and staying visible online, the C-Suite is right around the corner.