Could your career change hold greater significance than you currently think?

Can nature’s wisdom provide inspiration for your career change journey ? Could it be an ally for the life-transition of your dreams?

“The future requires all of us to dive deep and return, surfacing with the wisdom, the mysteries and the truths we learned from diving. In this way we birth a new culture.”
Matthew Fox, teacher and scholar

Stepping onto the Path: From Soul-Crushing Workplaces to Meaningful Career Change

The path of career transition that inspires me most, is one of immersing in Essence, awakening our Purpose, our Passion and Gifts – then intentionally designing our path so that these ‘qualities’ can be expressed more fully in the world.

As the world receives and is naturally affected by us expressing our Gifts, we might appreciate that our transformation is intimately linked to the transformation of society.

Nothing is separate.

Nothing happens in isolation.

One powerful, step-by-step system, that empowers people who experience disillusionment at work to walk a different path, is what I call Essence Inspired Life Design.

This approach actively invites you to use your experience as an opportunity – to creatively transform that very situation going against your nature, into one that enables you to thrive.

The Essence Inspired Life Design system takes you deep within – where you intimately connect with Essence and Purpose.

When you take this path of connecting with Essence and Purpose, and blend it with a design process, you come out with a personal blueprint that practically helps you shift to a fulfilling career-path – one that positively and powerfully affects not just yourself, but also the communities in which you exist.

When workplaces are crushing our souls, when profit is put above values, and when current structural norms are driving the destruction of communities and ecosystems, the quiet voices of wisdom are calling for the brave to listen more deeply than ever before.

We are being called to peel away from the conveyor belt of an automated life-less and unsustainable workplace culture, and into a creative life-giving space that honors our deeper wisdom, regenerates the earth and helps restore wholeness to ourselves, our communities and to the wider world.

I am emphasising that listening to the voice of your heart, and intentionally taking steps that align your career-path to your deeper Purpose is a journey which has ripples that benefit us all.

Your success is everyone’s success.

And, your neighbour’s success is your success.

Guidance from Mother Nature

A practical way to help channel connection to Essence into actions for career transition is through designing using nature’s intelligence. ‘Permaculture’ is one approach I draw on here when working with my clients and in my own life.

It is also part and parcel of the system of Essence Inspired Life Design.

By appropriately drawing on principles and patterns in nature, we tap into nature’s wisdom and powerful support. Our path becomes more resilient.


A simple example is that nothing in nature goes to waste.

Fallen leaves in a woodland in autumn don’t end up in an incinerator. They are transformed to become a resource within the ecosystem. They feed and nourish life.

Similarly, rather than letting your unique talents and strengths go to waste, I invite you to consider how you could channel them into serving others and supporting your career transition. You can do this by, firstly, taking a few moments to start naming and noting down what some of your talents are?

You might find that some of them are ones you’ve taken for granted. And, just so you don’t overlook them, I suggest also asking some friends, colleagues or clients, (if you work in that way), what they see as your talents or strengths.

Once you’ve built a list, you might like to reflect on how your talents can each serve as a resource that nourishes your journey to your new path.

How can your talents and strengths help move you from your current story to the new one you have begun to write?

Why you will need connections with fellow travellers

As the story of your more fulfilling path and livelihood unfolds, you will enter into moments of not knowing. You will experience periods of confusion or even despair. No journey that leaves the familiar – however soul destroying that is – and gives birth to a new beginning is entirely painless.

 Support for Career Change

The path of honoring a liberating truth that aligns livelihood to Purpose will pass through rocky terrain and stormy weather. This is where the value of connections with other travelers become self-evident. This is why sparks must be joining together, for our combined light will illuminate the way even when our individual spark is veiled by dust lifted by the wind.

So, it is wise to nurture connections and engage in meaningful dialogue.

We need diversity in nature, and we need diversity amongst the ‘like-minded’ fellow travellers committed to co-creating a wholesome future by taking the steps we must take as a people.

We need each other’s voices, for the world in the coming needs to be one that includes us all. We need spaces for listening, for play, for singing, for reflection, for feeling our pain, letting wounds heal, and connecting with Essence.

The story we are writing must be one that is authored from a different consciousness to the story we are currently in, if the transition is to be meaningful.

I invite you to take your step.

Your career change story can be part of a much bigger one.

I look forward to your success, and every ounce of your success on this path is success for us all.

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